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    A trouble with my hz settings.


    Buenas gente, tuve un problema de curioso. Cambie los Hz en la configuración del juego de 60 a 75, el problema es que mi monitor ahora no procesa tal cambio por lo que cuando entro al juego la pantalla esta en negro. El máximo de Hz que soporta mi pantalla es de 60. Como restablezco la configuración para poder volver a jugar? Muchas gracias por su tiempo.


    Hi guys, i have a problem because of my curiosity. I changed the Hz in the game settings from 60 to 75, the problem is that my monitor now does not process the time change when I enter the game the screen is black. The maximum of Hz that my screen supports is 60. How can i restore the configuration to be able to play again? Thank you very much for your time.

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    Try deleting cache and wtf folder, in theory this should restore wow to its default settings.

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    You can change it in WTF/Config.wtf, line SET gxRefresh "60".

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