1. Trying to recover Molten Wow account

    Hi gang,

    I am having trouble recovering the login information for my older Molten Wow account.

    I have tried to get the website to send me an email for lost username AND lost password.

    Neither are working.

    I opened a ticket and was told. 'Account security is your responsibility, use the tools provided on the website.'

    So i tried again.. waited an entire day.. Still no email.

    So I logged out if this account and tried to get the site to send me either pw or username reset link.

    I also tried to do this with Chrome and firefox. (Sometimes Chrome is fussy)

    It didn't work.

    So the tools I was told to use don't work.

    Thank you for your time,


  2. If you last used it before February 2015, the account and all characters are gone.

    Otherwise search for emails from Molten or Warmane. Someone could have logged on your account and changed its email. You should have received an email about it if that's the case.

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