1. About donations

    Hello! I really enjoy playing here and I am considering to make a donation. I have a few questions to ask first. It says on the awards list that if you donate it turns your account into a premium one and you can skip queues. Is that available for any donation (even a 10 euro one)? If it is, does it have a timelimit or is it going to be lifetime? I am looking forward to your answer. Thank you!

    Found the answer. Sorry for the incovenience!
    Edited: January 10, 2019 Reason: I found the answer but I don't know how to delete it!

  2. Donating any amount lets you permanently skip queue.

  3. I have also a problem with donation with mobile Phone i send 3 messeges my Money was taken but i did not recieve any code. Someone had same problem?

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