1. accaunt suspended

    Your account has been suspended for 4 days 4 hours due to Interfering with SoloQ

    So i play mainly healer in soloque, these are my chars: Giuliah rating 2150 Pureangel rating 2360 3 resto druids at 2100(Cridan, Risingnature, Martire) and another pr Nineinch full relentless at 2050.

    I prolly know why i got banned, normal 3v3 2100 team vs 2400, the healer of the opposing team dosn't play because he must hate the players on his side, so he pretend to be afk.

    I stay in cat form in stealth to let them 2v2, my team lost, i did not heal them and i left, now a guy whisps me saying you are going to get banned.

    I pay no mind to that guy, and here i am 3 days later getting banned.

    Now, you know it healers are pretty rare in soloque, with me banned soloq ques are going to be so much slower.

    This is my first ban, and it feels not deserved at all, i will serve this jail time but i don't feel like i did something to deserve this, someone ****ed up here, and it's hitting at random.

    I am not a saint but i try to never respond to hate messages in whisps after a soloq game.

    I am a transperent guy that's why i listed the names of the chars that i play, if anyone knows me and thinks i did something bad to deserve this then here is ur chance to say it in this thread.

    But i believe that there is a moderator using the banhammer without real thought behind it, or at the very lesat giving too much punishment.

  2. if a moderator knows for what reason i got banned i would like to know, thx.

  3. Moderators have no power over in-game issues but you can open an appeal under My Account -> Support.

  4. thx for the fast response, i did not know of such a feature since is my first ban, i made the ticket thx again.

  5. It's just 4 days, why u care so much? It's a ded server anyways

  6. Hey syturio!

    4 days are a lot to me, the thing is, i think about myself as one of the most polite guys in the server (that's why i play healer) and receiving a ban out of the blue regarding soloq, without a reason, just blows my mind.

    If i am getting banned, it means there is a guy reporting erveryone trying to get ppl banned.

    I almost never start a fight after a soloq game lost, i only answear to hate messages from time to time, but i put them in ignore most of them without answearing.

    So, if i am getting banned, it means that the grounds to get banned in this server either changed with time or the ban that i received wasn't right.

    It's an alarm that i am trying to sound to the community, that something changed.

    You could say, just accept the fact that you did something bad and u don't remember, instead of creating a complot, i would love to do that and take responsability for what i did, but in this case i think i am right, something is messed up here.

    But if in case a mod tells me for what reason i got banned and theres enough evidence of me to deserve the ban, i will apologize to the community and mods, for creating such a big fuss for this case.

  7. what makes you think you have the right to force them play 2v2 they joined solo q not 2s totally deserved ban

  8. receiving a ban out of the blue regarding soloq, without a reason, just blows my mind.
    How can you say it's "without a reason"? The reason is stated there and you even say in your first post that you think you know why.
    As Dkunknown says, you were in a 3v3 match and decided to not help your team. The reason doesn't matters, you don't get to decide to not play "to make the teams even." You got reported for queuing and not playing, taking the spot of someone who would have played, and got a ban for that. No mystery, no "lack of evidence," no "no real thought behind," just a GM reading whoever reported you and giving the proper punishment.

  9. Hope you told them atleast that you are not going to heal them or you really really deserve this ban cause you don't have the same gameplay when you got a healer behind you and when you don't....

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