1. Cross-realm multibox team for BGs

    Blackrock gonna be added to the cross realm BG pool sooner or later and I was wondering if it would be technically possible to have a multibox team that is split on two realms.
    I already own a BiS geared team of 7 shamis and 3 rdudus on Icecrown but got kinda tired of the ele shamis.
    So my idea is to make a new team which consist of the 3 rdudus on Icecrown and 7 new created DKs on Blackrock.
    If the characters join on both realms simultaneously the BG queue then it should be possible to get them all in the same BG.
    I guess assist and follow would work when the characters meet up in the BG but I'm not sure about Jamba and other addons.

    Ofc that's all hypothetical speaking because Blackrock isn't in the PvP pool yet.
    I'm just curious if it would be technical possible to play with such a cross realm team.
    What do you think?

  2. You can get into the same BG with Perform AV Enabler, it shows the same ID on both realms for specific queue (Tested).

    As far as addons go... I haven't got a clue.

  3. I doubt you could party up pre-bg since it's two different realms, if not it means you can't use PreAVenabler addon to ease up queues thus i guess you gotta be lucky to hit the same bg.

    But if you wanna talk pure technical than yeah in theory it could be possible, i guess...

  4. As long as the BG ID is the same it shouldn't be a problem to get all chars in the same BG.
    AV enabler just solo queues everybody simultaneously so pretty much the same can be done with macros.
    When it comes to tracking the BG ID of each char I guess that could be done with video FX in ISboxer.

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