1. Problem with a macro!

    Hi folks, i have a problem with a macro.

    My idea is this: if I press the T key, i want to use the Medallion of the Alliance. But if I press shift + T I want to use the "Readiness" skill.

    So, my macro is the following

    /cast [modifier: shift] Readiness
    /cast Medallion of the Alliance

    This macro works perfectly with other skills, the problem is the alliance medallion has no global cooldown, so it is activated even if I touch shift to use readiness ... do you have some idea of ​​how can i do to have this macro working? (i tryed changing the skills places, Medallion in shift and readiness in normal cast, it works, but i wanna have readiness in shift)

  2. Greetings, just add [nomod]:

    /cast [modifier: shift] Readiness
    /cast [nomod] Medallion of the Alliance

  3. June 5, 2019  
    To add to this you can do #showtooltip[nomod] for the icon to show whichever you're going to do.

  4. June 8, 2019  

    /use [mod:shift] Readiness; Medallion of Alliance

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