1. you should read what you write.
    do something about multiboxers? THEY ARE THE ONES PAYING FOR THE SERVER!
    think about it. 30 or so accounts per multiboxer, all donated, and every char of each multiboxer eventually gets an item or two donated (because i've seen NO multiboxer get wrathfull shoulders legit)

    so, yeah, server runs on MONEY and MBX'S are paying the bills. so no, they wont change that.

    and on what the gold squish refers, it IS necesary. yet, as i said before, a mere gold squish wont fix the economy (you did this kind of things already, and since its 3 years and we still require to gold squishes its OBVIOUS it doesnt work)

    if you truly want a stable economy (talking to warmane staff here) then you should consider adjusting the following to the overpopulated server (talking of icecrown here):
    -respawn rates (both mobs and herbs/mining nods)
    -drop rates (of all kind of items)
    -proc rates (not refering to class-specific habilities, but rather profesion procs, like alchemy masteries, icy prism's chance of containing epic gems, stuff like that)
    -find and eliminate the bots, since they cause a lot of problems for the economy (yes, i know you improved a lot, and we are all thankfull for that, but there is still work to be done). also, do something with the AUCTION bots (you know who we're talking about here, people who buy EVERY SINGLE ITEM and puts it at 10x its value. since no other items are available, you either wait, farm or buy at overrated prices, and a lot of people chooses to buy)

    the "only" thing i would like to add is that i am completely AGAINST this squish being made on any server that its NOT icecrown
    Most of the accounts seem to be nonmbox accounts so unless there are thousands and thousands of mboxers that donate monthly but don't log in I don't think they pay all the bills.

  2. I don't like the gold squish. I am an economist in a capitalist society and do not believe in this type of manipulation of the market. I could go deeper into a discussion but it is futile. I just wish they wouldn't announce it and do it randomly.; when announced we get hyperinflation.

    I purchased gold with coins but was given enough coins at the end of the year to offset what they will take. Therefore, it doesn't bother me THAT much.

  3. I don't get the purpose of doing this?

    Can it be explained?

  4. Dont be shy bro take evrything from ppl :) ...

  5. If they also delete half the healers and tanks that would also help with the inflation.

  6. I'm glad someone brought up about investing in this game.

    I've saved up alot of gold, not to invest on items, but on players. I don't pay them to stay in my guild and play per se, but to create a perception of value and help their PvE needs.

    So I wholeheartedly suggest Warmane millionaires to make use of their gold beyond primos and whatnot. The most successful entrepreneurs spend most of their money on ideas and organizations, not properties.

  7. If I wanted to get abused like this by game devs,, I would go back to playing retail.

    Looks like Feb 16 is my last day on the server. Thanks, I'm sure I will find something more useful to do with my time.

  8. Ahh I knew the revolution was coming! Embrace the return of socialism comrades!

  9. Socialism would mean we all own the game and make communal decisions anything with a ceo or the like would be closer to an autocracy or dictatorship.

  10. So what you're saying is I should sell all my gold for coins before the deadline and buy the gold back after the squish? Got it.

  11. Beware the tax man cometh and he wants 50%..............

  12. It's healthy for the Warmane economy, because the rich player base will spend more coins on gold. All that's going to happen to the in-game economy is inflation, because people will want to earn back the 50% that is being taken as fast as possible... All prices will be boosted in the auction house, welcome to 30 k battered hilts again.. It doesnt really affect me because I use gold efficiently as I earn it (instant enchants and gemming of new gear pieces) So I never store more than about 2-5 k between my characters at a time.. I do however feel sorry for the people that like to keep a mass amount of gold in reserve, at the same time however the players who are complaining because they have 1 million gold on their account, I really don't understand the need for that. The fact that Warmane has implemented a gold squish for the last 2 years should have been warning enough to not let your gold reserves get too high. You really only have yourselves to blame for now having to find something to do with all that gold... Here's a little tip, buy everything in the auction house, fill up your inventories and then slowly earn back all that gold.

  13. May as well just take everyone's gold if you want to see a change. 50% does nothing for us people with a little bit of gold. The rich stay rich and the poor get poorer. Just take everything away if you want to see an actual change. That seems fair, no? Or how about not doing it at all if it's only half

  14. Guys ur to stu*id to understand even with gold squish price on ah will go 50% cheaper and why u still crying about gold who gives fck about your donation instead to find gf and go on dinner with her ur spending money on the game and what player are u if u spend money on coins ?

    If 100k gold cost 32 coins after gold squish 50k gold will cost 32 coins and this server is full of sheeps whos buying gold for coins ;)

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