1. You guys just tell us: "You all reciving only half of your salary for this month!"

    - Only gold squish which was working good was 1st one you did 2 years ago. Last year gold squish wasnt that effective.
    - We dont have time to do anything with this gold, prepare yourself.
    - Prices are broken already ( ICECROWN server ). And they will just get more broken in next few days.
    - You guys tell us there is no plans on Gold squish. How something you used to do, dont plan yet, and only after 2 weeks you decide to announce this and take 50% of our salary. Not fair at all.

    - I guess many players are just used to play your rules guys. How you decide that happns. GG

  2. Hello to y'all, folks it's basic Economy 101: Supply <=> Demand rule hence the ratio must be kept reasonably around a negative balance in favor for the supply which in this particular case your precious "Gold" and the demand - Folks who purchase it from the store - thus the currency is made scarce to increase its value. I highly doubt anybody cares if you spent your day and nights farming that gold that's not the point, since this procedure is here to maintain a positive influx of cash and consequently makes it healthier.

  3. 30 days boys and girls, spend that gold fast lmao.

  4. At least because of last years gold squish, I don't hang around to farm for mats any more just to make gold. Everything is so damn cheap, not worth the time.

    So that's one useless addiction gone and I don't mind... plus it's less play time and maybe it opens up queue times for none donors.

  5. Hello Guys, No one is mentioning which servers they play on. High rate servers not as much as an impact, "Low Rate Servers Huge!" There needs to be a fair balance.

  6. totally in support of this even though ill lose a bunch of gold. I love the blitzkrieg style too, random squish from no where and 1month warning only. This will really ruin the lives of those that whore millions of gold and inflate the economy.

  7. Warmane Staff,
    All I have to say is it's a shame you have to keep doing this, year after year.
    For high rate servers it's not as much as an impact. For your low rate servers, everyone works hard and farms for their Gold to get squished once again. What's the point to Squish everyone, when the rates are not all equal on all servers? Do you Warmane, Not Care anymore? We had hope you would try to find another fair solution for the Low rate servers to get a break and see changes to this yearly Gold Squish and be "Proactive" not "Reactive" to the community. If the Low Rate servers are making Millions in gold Show us the statistics and not every player is making millions on the low rate servers. Not everyone has the time to have their hard earned gold taken away from them.

  8. Then, the fat cats decide to buy/sell even pricier items, for even more bloated prices, since they know that other fat cats will can afford to buy them.
    I am one of em cats and a very pioneer one as well. To give you a little insight, yea we do have stockpiles that last a lifetime sitting in banks and guild banks. Every now and then, we take a stack or 2 into AH to convert them into gold for our daily necessities but that's it and there is all to it. We basically have everything and anything we ever wanted way before the gold squish ever happened. We have no reason to take this to another level.

    The real inflators are people who farm gold or mats (to convert to gold) are people who have external means of selling this exorbitant amount of gold outside of warmane and on other websites for their personal gain. This on the other hand, is a topic i will gladly leave to the staff in warmane to handle.

  9. totally in support of this even though ill lose a bunch of gold. I love the blitzkrieg style too, random squish from no where and 1month warning only. This will really ruin the lives of those that whore millions of gold and inflate the economy.
    tho ppl like me who hoard mats are fine lol

  10. Who all above are saying "Economy Was Fine" .... oh yea since 2 months gems for 350 Gold each, flasks for 160 Gold each, Chokers going for 22-24k and economy was fine /shakingmyhead

  11. Very welcomed news! A welcomed development for new and veterans players alike. Thanks Warmane!

  12. at first glance cutting gold in half seems like a good idea, reduce inflation. however i would say that the vast majority of gold on the server is held by a relatively small amount of people. As someone else mentioned the fat cats drive the prices up. Gold comes into the server and is spread through the economy, eventually settling in fat cats who spend time manipulating the auction house.
    What people often forget is that Gold leaves the server through gold sinks. repair, item purchases etc.. The game has many wonderful gold sinks built in that most people will reach after a certain amount of time on a character that can end up pulling 40k-100k per character out of the economy. However these gold cuts will often result in reducing the amount of gold the average player has so that they dont end up using these gold sinks as they are out of reach (if you have 20k across all your toons and you know the gold cut is coming you may decide to hoard gold so you can still repair after instead of buying that mount you were saving up for).
    I believe a better solution is to add in more gold sinks, particularly aimed at the higher end characters, or implement a tax on higher quantities of gold. A tax can be done in one of 2 ways, the total gold on the account (gold, mailbox etc...) is taxed at a logarithmic rate capping at say 65% but starting at like 10%. This has the advantage of targeting people with more gold while not hurting the more casual players without a lot of gold.
    Combine this with giving these players more items to use gold on,, say buying TCG card items (path of illidan, foam sword rack and other common and uncommon cards would be perfect gold sinks) Give Landro Longshot something to do! (and create more of a PVP zone in Booty Bay).

  13. Why on such short notice? Couldn't it be announced a few months earlier? I just got a huge amount of gold. How am I supposed to spend it all in a month?
    Please next time warn us at least 3 months prior to the squish.

  14. Actially I like the idea. The prices are terrible at this moment. The gold squish worked pretty well last two years.

    Cheers Lovemane!

  15. My two cents why the Gold Squish is a good idea!

    There are plenty of reasons why it’s a bad idea, but there are better reasons why it’s a great idea. I’m not really interested in lecturing anyone why it’s a good idea (hello internet anonymity) but I will say this:

    I see Warmane Staff (the “Staff”) as “Market Regulators” -- gold as just one of the many commodities in the WoW market. While the time/hours spent getting the gold is the real “currency” or “money”.

    Now, aside from public utilities, real-world regulators must restrain themselves (and often times are discouraged) from participating/meddling/regulating the private sector market. The regulator must let the market regulate itself.

    There is, however, a crucial difference in circumstances between our real world regulators and the Warmane staff – the mode GOLD is generated.

    First, we have to accept that every player has the unrestricted potential to earn (xxx) gold, overnight. Among others, gold is “created” by simply “killing” an infinitely-generated NPC. You get actual gold or you get loots to sell to NPCs who have “infinite” amounts of gold. Thus making gold the easiest and fastest commodity to get.

    Its now easy to imagine the amount of gold FREELY generated (i.e. neither restriction nor regulation) every day. The gold squish is simply a regulatory measure to put a soft restriction on the unfettered capacity of every player to “earn” gold. [Notably, instead of regulating the “currency” (i.e. warmane does not impose a time-cap when you can play WoW) they instead chose to regulate the commodity.]

    What are the dangers imposed on such regulation? Should the Staff ignore and simply let the market handle the situation? These are questions best answered by Warmane, the regulator. And indeed it must, for transparency’s sake.

    But one thing is for sure - I love it. Though a “temporary measure” (because regulations ought to institute viable long-term solutions) the simplicity, arbitrariness, and pervasiveness of the gold squish makes it so effective. I’d even dare say if we could do that in real-life, we ought to.

    I, however, believe the Staff owes us (the market) an explanation for the measure. Just a tease will do.

    My 2 cents.

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