1. Just stop it. Stop halving our gold so frequently.
    That's all i gotta say.

  2. 30 days boys and girls, spend that gold fast lmao.
    Thanks for spreading "awareness"! :D

  3. It's unfair, 50% of gold reduction? seriously? we spend lot of time to earn COMMON MAN!!!!!! -.-"

  4. Dear Warmane staff, you should focus to maintain stable all servers, fix something sometimes instead of make this game harder for us..

  5. this is going to kill warmanes community if you don't stop. people work hard for their ****. they don't want it taken away. You work hard for your money in real life right? How would you feel if your job said "Hey we're gonna cut your pay in half" or hey we're gonna take 50% of the money in your savings that you've worked hard for years for? Stupid move. My 2cents

  6. Well this is so depressing. Finally, when I thought I can try to make more money for gear, it's getting cut in half. That just eats my motivation to play to be honest. :/

  7. You cold reinvest your gold in gems,boes or sell it for coin on website. Squish is good.

  8. So a guy asked why would you have million or bunch of gold in your pocket if you don't use it ? No one answered, and that settles it.

    As for flying, do you even play the game ? ICC is less then 5 minutes ride from Dalaran. ToC is a bit far away, but if raid is assembling you can fly and not wait for summon. The only possible problem with faster mount is that you can't collect mats as fast and effective as you would otherwise, but with this population you will need luck on your side more then a dragon with higher percents.

    The other reasons for having a lot of gold is for achievements, as in having achievement and increasing vote points value which can be negated due to getting gear in-game traditionally. More gold for boes really benefits only good players with alts, since many people up their GS with boes whilst their performance sucks.

    It was the doing of the community that inaccurately predicted gold squish and unbalanced the economy. But staff should've been aware of this and do something about it. No wonder people ask for earlier announces for squish.

    And for other realms, I would've been upset. I play on Icecrown only so I don't mind the squish, but if I played on other servers I probably would react.

    I don't know what would other reasons be for having a lot of gold. I am not familiar with coin gifting, donating and such so I can't comment. But if getting gold outside of in-game activities is available in any way, shape or form, squish is bound to happen.

  9. Gold!

    All the gold i got atm is from trade store that i bought it with coins.I demmand to give me back the coins of the gold u ll take from me cause i have paid with my money for this.

  10. no1 hold morw then 20k in bag like ever. We all buy garnets,saronite,boes,mounts to resell when we need a gold or coin. Right now 1 coin cost 3-4k gold and after squish will be 1-2k idk what is wrong with rhat and why u all need so much gold. You pass that 264 gear from ah so fast like wtf do you guys play hc. You have 1 coin per day by doing just daily quests not farming it after squsih. Now freaking sifh feast cost 400-450g.

  11. Well, I play on Lordaeron. You don't get gear as fast. So I was saving money to buy better gear. But now it is cut in half. Yay.

  12. LOLOLOLO. Glad i stopped farming gold years ago.
    If you guys really want to adjust the economy.. next time when you do a gold squish, do it without announcing and for those who bought gold with coins ( one week before squish date) you can give'em back the gold.

  13. The squish is necessary because of the bots, say thank you to them!

  14. Hi all and staff.
    just a question ? is thier not a gold cap on the server? .
    to stop inflation on the sever why not maintain this cap, if i can remember the gold cap was 240k per account. why not apply this to the sever give a person a month if he goes over the cap and reduce it if he/she does not use/reduce it himself u (warmane) reduce it for him. that way u can maintain a reasonable gold flow on the sever and it does not affect the ppl just playing the game the way it should and are not gold hunter to be fat cats. items sold on ah will be reduced as u dont want to go over the gold cap, reduce bot farmers for selling and manipulating ah prices and hogging resources so the average player can also farm.
    make span items soul-bound for instance the exhaust for chopper that gets farmed to be sold on AH for 9-14k buy fat cats. this will give other the opportunity to build choppers as u already paying 12 k for the mats then still have to buy 1 item on AH at inflated prices that makes it impossible to sell the end product on AH for a small profit.
    1.) apply the gold cap of 240k (per account)
    2) make spawn items soul-bound (sold on AH for mad prices)
    3) ban more bot users
    Applying the above 3 items and u dont have to do the gold squash every year and it will not affect the average player that play the game not to make gold but have enough to survive and obtain the items he needs.

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