1. 5 / 23 / 43 - Retri / Reckoning spec? What is it used / good for?

    Hey Fellow Paladins!

    I just noticed few people running around using this spec: http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/talents

    What is it good / used for? Is it a PvP or PvE spec?

    You use it with DPS / Healing equip? You use 1H + Shield or 2H?

    Is it BG spec? Arena spec? Grinding spec?

    What's the playstyle like?

    Are there any major advantages / disadvantages?

    Since this spec is missing Crusider Strike (by joice apparently) and Divine Storm (arguable best spell in Retri tree?)

    Looking forward to your feedback! Thanks!

    -- Steel

  2. So I just learned that it is suppoesdely a fun BG spec? Suppoused to be played in DPS PvP equip?

  3. Since he didn't pick crusader strike I assume that this spec is played in holy gear with one hand and shield.
    Dmg comes probably from SoR and judgement.
    I guess that the extra strike from reckoning can also proc AoW so this spec can probably heal quite a lot with instant flash heal.

    My assumption is that it's a fun spec for duels.

  4. Hey man!

    That actually makes sense!! :D Ya I also was 90% sure it is a heal spec!! :)

    Do you think it could have some benefits in Arena maybe?

    He is 2v2 with Arms Warrior
    Edited: January 19, 2019

  5. Do you think it could have some benefits in Arena maybe?

    He is 2v2 with Arms Warrior
    No, I don't think that this spec is good for arena.
    The dmg with it is probably pathetically low and the healing worse than of a holy pala.

  6. 4 Days Ago  
    Apparently I was wrong.
    Today I saw a paly in ret gear with one hand and shield using a 0/28/43 build in arena. http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/talents
    He was playing 2s together with a Awarr and they beat Qwneer twice who was playing Awarr/Hpala, both BiS geared.
    Edited: 3 Days Ago

  7. 3 Days Ago  
    I tested this hybrid build on Blackrock and have to say it's pretty strong, esp for duels.
    Due to http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=20182 and http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=20198 you deal more dmg with one hand and shield than a ret paly does and because of http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=20182 you also generate more AoW procs.
    If you are BiS geared with a few agi items that boost your crit chance then I guess you can pretty much spam instant flash of lights on every GCD as long as you melee the opponent.
    I think this hybrid build is better than ret against some arena setups.

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