1. Battlegrounds based on Gearscore

    Hello recently I've been playing on Icecrown and horde can't win single game because of fresh 80, they are naked without gear and example if you are in WSG and 3 people are "greeny" you don't stand a chance to win.

    Imagine how many guys are pissed because of fresh 80, maybe add other requirement like be level 80 and have playtime of 3 days. So people don't go directly to BG or ask requirements to have professions leveled up.

    It is really annoying and I know same happens from Ally side.

    But who cares its Warmane LOL

  2. But who cares its Warmane LOL
    Like you said, who cares?

  3. https://www.warmane.com/devlog

    "We will also look into the functionality of separating lower and higher geared players in battlegrounds. We have heard your feedback but as the system might have significant effects on battleground queues, we are unable to determine whether this will become a feature for sure."

  4. Battlegrounds are made for farming the points for pvp gear, it is easiest and only newbie friendly way to get honor points (and by that only way to actually get a starting pvp gear) yes there are also options like rdf, but they are less effective and they are not pvp based. Now there is something that can help to both, starters and decently geared players, it is called matchmaking system. However that kind of system require too much work and time, and it is questionable, would it even be able to fit into wow like it does to other games.
    Beside that, low geared players are not biggest problem. There is too many people with good gear (max pvp geared ones too), yet, being even less useful in the "BG" then a pumpkin companion, because they run around place without any purpose in their existence.

  5. Battleground requirements MUST remain as they always have been, everybody should be able to join battlegrounds regardless of their iLvL.

    I think a better solution would be to increase the honor gained from BGs or the gold earned. This way people would have enough honor to buy the basic items in half the time or enough gold to purchase items from either the AH or quartermaster reps.

  6. SuperKeke and Amdus you misunderstood the devlog quote.
    They're considering to SEPARATE (meaning split, make into two or more groups) the queues so that you have <5.5k in one group and >5.5k in the other.
    Anyone will still be able to queue but if you're 3k you'll get paired with similar people.

    Original suggestion is just insane in not allowing players to queue with less than 3 days played, especially if we have a store already and you can be bis in about 20 minutes.

  7. I really hope they do this. Let BiS play vs BiS and weaker geared vs weaker geared. Also try to include some form of a healer cap in BGs because they are absurdly overpowered in Wotlk.
    And for any Alliance whining about longer queues: they deserve them.
    Edited: January 26, 2019

  8. What if someone with BIS gear, just took off half of his items, then joins a BG and put it on again?

  9. Just make it so that once a character is deemed "BiS" they are stuck with that until another update. Hence you will always end up in the BiS vs BiS BG and if you decide to remove your gear while inside then that is your choice.

  10. Just make it so that once a character is deemed "BiS" they are stuck with that until another update.
    i dont think this is possible, maybe it is but the devs must modify the whole game with custom patches and etc... which they wont do for sure

  11. Any news on this? Cause Icecrown needs this badly. The situation on the Horde side is unbearable.

  12. I play on Icecrown as horde and the situation is very bearable, this is not necessary nor required. The solution is as simple as queueing with friends that have gear and use your brain power to reach the conclusion that if you are 4 players one of you MUST be a healer. We all want to see big damage numbers and all of that but healing numbers are higher!

    Horde should really ditch this attitude of always wanting to truck the place and start playing the healer class, that is exactly what Horde requires, not exclusive BG's for whiners. Because honestly the crying syndrome of the horde is getting old as ****. Bohooo humans are imbalanced, bohooo alliance has too many BiS players, bohooo we get on BG with greenies. Just deal with it, if you don't like the situation do something to change as in getting good on arenas or making PvP guilds; While alliance has atleast 5 PvP guilds, horde has 0.

  13. I honestly dont see it as a problem. I mean many of us went that path of gearing up thru BG's, it can be annoying but yeah its just the way it is.

    Sometimes I tend to wait up to 5 mins for a BG queue with the current system, imagine what would happen if they added separation?

    We should not limit people to playing any sort of content server-wise, it should be choice or those players. If they like being rekt all day well its their choice.

    Imagine you join a server, leevel to 80 (even play few bgs meanwhile) and you get to 80, you wanna play BG's now with big boys buttttt ay you dont have enough gear to do it? Meeeh.

  14. Imagine you join a server, leevel to 80 (even play few bgs meanwhile) and you get to 80, you wanna play BG's now with big boys buttttt ay you dont have enough gear to do it? Meeeh.
    Exactly, you shouldn't be paired with the "big boys" if you don't have the gear to help the team. Why should the "big boys" have to carry your undergeared useless character ? Also, it's not just you who ends up with the "big boys". In a lot of cases, half or more than half the team is made out of gearless people. Who do you think wins between a team of 4k gs people and a team of 5.8 - bis people ?

    You're a fresh 80 who wants to join bgs ? Ok, but you'll get paired with people of the same gs as you. Doing that increases your chance to win more bgs. You'll never win bgs if your undergeared team faces a geared team and that's a fact.

    So yeah, til you get to fight with the "big boys" you SHOULD first fight with the "small boys".

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