1. 70 - 79 battlegrounds need some balance

    After cross realm system we had bg poping whole day but now its getting lower and lower, no one wonder why? I think alliance has soo many twinks and most of em really good, and horde keep getting owned, they have like 1/10 chance to win a bg. Now i see many horde left the HORDE and some just don't even care anymore. Most twinks don't que bgs and alliance just spam whispers on 71-77 to que bg and farming them.

    If some alliance players can transfer to horde until balance this out bit I hope we can have a good battleground not genocide bgs that close in 5min xD

  2. On icc realm there is a lot more horde twinks then aliance but the problem is that aliance have better pvp players

  3. Our bracket is way more active than it used to be before crossrealm battlegrounds was implemented.
    The issue is that Alliance twinks are way way stronger than the Horde twinks. Usually alliance team wrecks the horde team in battlegrounds.
    Twinks are welcome on both sides, but if I was you I'd roll horde. There are twink guilds on both sides.
    I've made a guild on horde side <GROVE STREET FAMILIES> if you decide to make a twink, I'll help you with leveling, gear, some gold or tips. (healers are more than welcome :P)
    BUT I AM NOT GOING TO INVITE MORE DEATH KNIGHTS, because there are more than enough death knight twinks already. You can roll anything else. :D
    There are battlegrounds daily and mostly at evenings, getting bis is fairly easy and fast.
    If you decide to roll horde whisper Sniper for ginvite or any other guild member, everyone can invite you <3

  4. ye i will give 1 month to be ballanced if im gona see there is same **** i will disban 70 twink guild and i will move on ally side then we will see what is gona happened next cus im prety sure there wont be any pop :=)

  5. Could you give us an honest insight of how the situation is? We kinda want to make twinks and we'll chose the place that needs us the most!

    PS: That genocide thing was hilarious.

  6. horde neeed twinx very badly alll i see all the time is lvlers vs 10x 79 from ally side
    and yes i aggry hord have some 79 BUT ALL OF THOUS ARE ALTS OF ALLYS TWINX WHERES THE POINT ?

  7. Hello,Androidz from Alliance side here.
    Im here to point out reasons why the bracket is getting dead and how it could be revived.
    I will point out the MAIN reason why bgs every day are getting less and less.
    Ok so first question.
    - Why do you think you mainly see 78-79 levels in battleground and why we dont see more of the lower level players?
    Well simple answer! You guys are destroying the community yourselves by creating those 78-79 twinks.People from the lower levels stand almost no chance versus your buffed twinks.That way people just give up and rather go level up OR as 70 twinks do,rather go do some pve raid and be more pve orientated guild. You 78-79 guys dont know how to keep the community alive,you are thinking that by making those twinks erybody would love to do one and there will be massive pvp.No,dear sweeties,before 78-79 there are 70 twinks.Not everyone wants to make 78-79 twinks.So why then,everybody would ask,we all dont make 70 twinks?Why when if we do that A LOT more players will be joining battlegrounds since players will be ATLEAST able to hit their targets,not miss and mostly get one shotted?
    Simple answer to that aswell! Those 78-79 players are two types of people. First that they are so lazy to gear a decent 70,that they'd rather make 78-79 lvl twinks and just gear them for max 4k gold.Second,they always comes up with the excuse "we cant get brutal,if we cant get brutal we cant get bis and its poinless".No,my dear sweeties,you can get yourself gear and build it that way,thats its gonna be superior and even better than the brutal one,but as i said,people are too lazy to think of it and to actually do it.Also those people go 78-79,because they choose to yolo dmg,because obviously they dont have skills as people from upper comments mention,so they only relay on the gear they have to 1 shot someone.If hey dont do it,well,they get ****ed by some 70 twink probbably.

    So yes,people of World of Warcraft that want to twink.Use your brains.See that if everybody make 70 twinks,there will be A LOT ballanced battlegrounds.
    Both sides has 70 guilds that can help the new people with gearing,cuz ery week we do raids.Both Purple Haze and Brutal Gladiators. If WE,Alliance,see that people abandon their 79s to make 70s and try to get community back,we will transfer our alliance charrs to help hordes in any kind of need.I personally will switch and i can bring others who can follow me there aswell.

    Making 78-79 only kills the community,as it was been always when you look in the past years.Be smart people.Use ur brains.

    Your best: -Androidz

  8. Good one andro just to know Purple haze dieing cus of that so GL poping BG in future

  9. its not the only thing that kills community.
    7-4 years ago twink community was soo strong we could grab 40 twinks for a function raid,
    alli and horde make pvp tournaments together,
    we didn't gank each others on the world pvp u could go near em without even talk and/duel,
    we didn't fight each others on some bgs only farming salty 79 without care about win or lose,
    im just saying how things were back then please don't make this thread a fight between 70-79 twinks, all im saying twinkx use to have pride on they game play and respect each others.

    but now days people trying hard to become best and trashing twinks or talk trash about others behind they back, i got invited for duels but once i got there whole party just ganked me (I heard this happened to others also), login opposite function just to spam rage whispers about something on battlegrounds. For the past few days, we have a 80 alii rog camping only 70 twinks on durotar 24/7(probably some hater right, it's obvious). I don't really mind cus i had my fun days, but new twinks don't have a chance to enjoy twinking, they get boring real fast and quit thanks to those mentally ****ed up salty kids

  10. I think this is behavior of new generation players who dreaming to be best in slot without skills.... They can't play 80 cus to suck and they can't play 70 cus they to dum... Not all of them but 95% of them

  11. So, we need to clear some facts.

    First, core of 70-79 twinking is and always will be Lord, never Ic. Best thing IC can do is tag along.
    So this xrealm is actually morphium injection before dieing.
    How can i state that? Ic always had big base of players but u cant organise, or dont have stable core, as u see in posts above.
    It is very important that few people pick side and hold it. Having toons on both sides is cancer.
    Now as u see nearly ALL Lord twinks including some IC twinks did left warmane. We talking about 100ish ACTIVE players.
    In last 2-3 years average Lord twink had 50-100k hks. Average IC twink 0-5k hks.

    why we moved on?

    We made this game too agressive, maybe even too personal, who knows.
    Levelers did not exist anymore
    GMs ignored our needs, cause they think they are gods. So no warmane support at all.
    no BG annoucer
    SWP loot bugged
    no parralel rdf/bg que.
    Lying about server pop big time.

    so yes now we play bgs daily, wholeday.
    most time parralel 2 ab/eots/sota even IOC pops , i never played that on lord.

    As most of you dont know me il introduce myself:


    I am one of founder of strongest ally gould:
    wich is now leaded by some random guy cause most of us moved on or stopped playing.

    BR Smuc.

  12. Twinking will never be the same face it and grow up most of the old twinks dont even play wow,we are not the same that we ware 4-5-6 years ago we are all busy with irl sh!ts and the new twinks are just tryhard to be best even tho they are far away from it
    So if you want twinking to be like in the good old days you need the good old twinks who made twinking good
    Much love

  13. Have no fear because Yvypower has the solution right here! Rated arena needs to be activated and 70s > 79s!

    Ok I know they wont do that ****

  14. U are being gay! Saying u will transfer to ally... chicken! No elephants in sri lanka for u

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