1. Imagine being a complete dog**** level 79 dk going to borean tundra to gank leveler kids and you get smashed so hard that you call in a 3 man 80 gank squad to rough up warsong hold but they all suck complete dog**** and lose 3v1. Oh wait that actually happened to my boy Vurox today. Cheers buddy gl with your ganking adventures and better luck next time!
    Perhaps you remember names of those 80s?

  2. Ye sure dk a hard class to play with 2 pocket heals vs paper horde :D
    On this picture we can see 6 horde twinks+4 lvlers horde vs full 79 70 aly twink team.
    So why u are proud for this?
    Because this is what he can do best :D On one ss u can see 4 healers buffs and hots on him. I just don't get why your farm o clock starts just when u play vs levelers. But when horde have good team without levelers your farm o clock becomes leave bg o clock.
    L2p boy on your own.

  3. Idk man never seen toccata joining/fighting in bgs without pocket heals on him whole time.
    And i talk toccata's group.
    Want see him once in a bg without pocket heals like many of us queue on both sides.
    No idea what is the point doing premades when horde still weaker on last times...
    Stop trash-talking Pevi, he does actually queue without pocket heals, here's proof :P


    And yeah..you can guess what happened xD. this was the other day where he said "im back, horde GY farm time" lul. from what i can see, he lost on the night he was hyped, got upset, called the guild to come for the rescue in the next days :v

    PS: several allys ended up leaving and joining, kinda lost track on who we ended up beating up. but he didnt leave bg /clap.
    PSS: i didn't instantly upload this SS right where you lost, as i found it rather unnecessary. but going through all the recent msgs, it makes sense to do it now :P

  4. Obviously photoshopped, Hyper doesn't do that much damage

  5. Could alliance run any more autistic warriors because 6 isnt enough

  6. Why would I be mad at a bunch of scum GY camping as usual. All I have for you is a mountain of pity for thinking that running braindead group premades is evidence of your elite skill level.

  7. Obviously photoshopped, Hyper doesn't do that much damage
    u mad bruhv┐┐┐

    I know u jelly, like the rest of the randoms here.

    your only

    HyperGod <3

  8. Yo Hyper can you stop dying hyper fast i can't take a good ss of you /rofl

  9. Hyper sure likes to vanish and dip out every fight

  10. Good games.

    I believe we were winning that one actually until 2 of our players left to go Sunwell Plateu for some ****.

    They are guildless now though.

    Hopefully more games tonight with some Carried frontliners on.

    Edit: Some moderator thinks I am naming other private servers with that post, those ex-members left a competitive bg to go raiding.
    Edited: January 17, 2020

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