1. Nerf Lady Deathwhisper 25HC on Lordareon

    According to t4d3y's post in the Lordaeron forum (http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=386015), Lady Deathwhisper's health and mana buffs are 50% each, buffing her total EHP from 40.7m to 61.2m. The lower enrage, combined with the Blizzard mechanics and the Lordareon realm-specific buffs, renders this a boss that has not been killed or even considered to be killed since the Mind Control mechanic was fixed several months ago. Even though this boss was designed to be one of the most challenging bosses in ICC 25H (on retail WoW, Lady 25HC was first killed after top guilds downed Sindra25HC), top guilds on both Alliance and Horde on Lordareon (the Alliance guild farming LoD for the past couple of months), do not even consider this a relevant boss fight because A) there's only two pieces of BIS loot from this boss (Hunter legs and Hpala gloves), B) Lady is a "non-essential" boss (not an end-wing, not needed to activate LoD), and C) would require too much dedicated time and coordination to consider attempting to progress it for it being only the second boss in ICC, time much better spent on literally any other boss in ICC as it gives either a Mark or overall more beneficial loot to numerous classes.

    At this point, Light of Dawn is "easier" than Lady 25HC. As such, and to actually see this boss killed or considered being killed ever again in the future, I am suggesting the HP/Mana numbers be seriously retuned. This won't "trivialize" the encounter as the mechanics still need to be strictly respected or else a raid wipe is probable, but it does make it, to some degree, a boss worth considering being killed/progressed again.

  2. Her HP/Mana pool isn't the issue and reverting to retail values will not make this boss killable. The issue lies someplace else.

  3. Of course there is a bug or two but they're on bugtracker so I cared not to include it here as it is not the correct place.

    However since we're talking about the encounter itself and how RNG-y it is as well as how much stuff has to be taken care of through-out the fight, the amount her HP and shield is buffed is really excessive, especially being the second boss in the raid, and one that's "non-essential" to the rest of the raid. Guilds will only be killing this boss for their Hunters and Holy Paladins. I don't think it warrants being so overtuned. At this point on Lordareon, Light of Dawn isn't the final boss of ICC: it's Lady 25HC.
    Edited: February 6, 2019

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