1. fairly new to multiboxing and being hated by any 80s I come across. (icecrown)

    I don't gank anyone, although I am really being pushed to just being a cruel person to anyone who looks red, but I am certainly ganked by EVERYONE I come across. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but these griefers have gone above and beyond, using tricks to kill you while you're airborne, which is just dedication to the craft.

    My question is: How do you deal with these people who have a clear edge over you while you're leveling? Is there a specific time to play? should I be hiding in dungeons? it's very unclear. I waste a good amount of time just ressing, but I would prefer not to.

    Any tips are welcome. I use a 5 80 team to help me level, so I have protection, but you know who the targets are, and they fall pretty quickly.

  2. When you are a low lvl multiboxer ppl will gank the sh*t out of you. Thats normal.
    I guess you answered your own question.
    Either lvl in dungeons or use 80s to protect your team.
    Also avoid busy areas like stranglethorn or tanaris where ppl tend to gank a lot.

    You should never ever feed the ganker. Don't let it happen that the ganker kills you more than once.
    Its often better to go in ghostform afk for 10-20 min than attempting to escape the ganker.
    When the ganker has nothing to kill he will get bored and leave.
    When you keep trying to escape he will have lots of fun killing you over and over again.
    So usualy the best tactic against ganker is to bore them to death by not giving them anything to kill.
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  3. Yeah they hate you because they get destroyed by 80 multiboxers so they take their revenge on you and they don't want to see you lvl 80.
    But fortunally, leveling on icecrown is really fast so it wouldn't be a problem. Just fake afk when they kill you and wait for them to live, if they don't just Hearthstone and go XP in another zone.
    Anyway you have 5 pala to protect you so they can't camp you.

  4. Thanks for the replies. Guess I'll stick to being afk till they leave. Good points from truthwow1. The hunt is always the fun part of life.

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