1. Trying to find my old acc.

    Hello, so.. I'm trying to get back my old acc, i remember the name of my char (Nadjen - Orc Shaman lvl 20 *IceCrown*) but i don't remember the acc or the mail. "too much time without logging in :'("

    Can i get some help with this? i guess if u guys give me the email or the acc i can remember it :) Thx ^^

  2. Make a support ticket on website here or send an email to [email protected]

  3. Greetings

    It depends on the age of the acc. Accounts from molten are deleted and aren't be restored anymore. If your acc is 1-3 years old, you have to write a mail and give every information you reminded of. I suppose, a level 20 char (this char should be deleted after a clean up) isn't enough. You should also post your ip, country and possible mail addresses.


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