1. Get malaco back in charge of realms make pvp great again

  2. Since Warmane has put so much effort in the development of the cross-realm technology, it might be possible that they gonna add additional cross-realm content, maybe even custom content.
    The new realm might act as a cross-realm hoster for the 3 wotlk realms.
    New Wotlk custom content such as a cross-realm pvp zone, similiar to Blackrocks queldanas, could run on that realm.

    Wotlk is by far Warmanes most popular xpac and it probably always will be.
    But players are bored of doing the same old content over and over again.
    Having some new custom content would bring some fresh wind to wotlk and the great thing is that when the custom content is hosted on a seperated realm players can decide on their own if they want to play custom content or stay away from it.

  3. When "Molten/ Warmane" first launched their WOTLK server in december 2009 it was almost exactly 1 year after Blizzard released WOTLK.
    I remember almost every private server hosting WOTLK had people talking about this server, the server I played on moved to this one the same week it opened.
    Neltharion was the first realm warmane had and it was buggy, allthought it was 100% better then other private servers, who at the time was more bugged then Warmanes MoP or Cata ever was.
    Despite the buggs Warmane/Molten kept working tirelessly to fix the buggs and this responded with the server growing bigger then any other.

    Lets take an example.
    Legion was released August 30, 2016. it's been 3 years soon, and most people here say it's "unrealistic" to make it (script it)
    Imagine if Warmane (at the time they made Neltharion) said, No lets make Vanilla server cause WOTLK is "unrealistic" to script.
    WOTLK was only out for a year in Retail before we had it here, While TBC Was released 2007 and Warmane released it 2017 (10 years after) It would be funny to se "Vanilla" now 16 years later, I wonder if it would cross the same fate as "Outland" did.

    Needless to say it's not entirely because of bugs that MoP and Cata lost it's playerbase, but the stagnant abstinence of fixes.
    That being said I would rather se a expansion newer then WOTLK, and have the dev team work on it for real this time.

  4. If warmane open a more new WOTLK server after having 3(after 3 really!).......I'll say this, "LOL seriously really"?

  5. i would love some cross-realm pve queues aswell

  6. should we expect any news this year? :P

  7. What is the chance that the road from here forward might include a classic and a Cata realms for those, who want the full experience for the first 5 expansions?

  8. return population tbc

    Hey guys want new TBC Server, i invested money in Outland just over 600$ and wanted anything to meet.,PLS ..> do something new for TBC..to have more Population...

  9. Ideas to Develop

    Humble suggestions:

    * Close Frostwolf because it's dead and the effort of maintaining the expansion is not worth it
    * Fix Outland by having 5x experience and 3-5x profession/reputation rates
    * Keep Icecrown, Lordaeron, and Blackrock as they are, as these are your flagship
    * Consider opening a Vanilla realm with 2x experience and 1x profession/reputation rates
    * Make a coin-based PTE (i.e., copy characters from Vanilla to TBC and from TBC to WotLK)

    With these implemented then just do maintenance and events to keep the masses happy donating to the cause.

  10. or even better. develop a classic realm based on the wotlk client. would be something refreshing to play with the the aspects of arenas in vanilla, dualspecc and the new metas and classbalances that will arise

  11. TBC Player here:

    Wrath PvP is just Garbage, don't want to play it anymore.

    First, more unbalanced Matches exist on Wrath compared to TBC. It's common to have an AV were you get raped or rape them were it comes to camping them in the tunnel.

    Second, the Gearing Differential is insane, A freshly new 80 is around 12000 health while an normal 80 has 36000 or more hp. Even a massive difference exist between a Blackrock and fully geared IC player.

    Third, Gear is severely Over-scaled, Demolishes, Bosses, and Guards die WAY to fast and easy.

    Forth, Everything is too BURSTY! You die so quick at times you can't react.

    Fifth, less COUNTERPLAY and SKILL. Theres more abilities than TBC, but when Counter-play, and the value of usefulness of abilities reduce, it also reduces the usefulness of skill.

    Six, classes are more unbalanced, yes in TBC rogues and especially Druids were over the top. That is nothing compared to the strength of Ret Paladin and DKs compared to Rogues on Wrath. More things are "Broke" on Wrath.

    Seven, Wrath players are annoying, they are proud of themselves after one-shotting a undergeared noob like their a hero who defeated a feat of strength who used their parents credit card to purchase gear. Everyone seems to only care about raping others than being equal in a good battle.

    Eight, Wrath players are more TOXIC than TBC players. There is more cussing, in BGs, more rude people, more trolls, etc.
    Both are unbalanced trash.

    MOP had the best PVP experience but they went away from that in later expansions...

    WOTLK is SM and PVE trinket fest... good luck playing warlock in bgs and not farming the other faction... 2 shot by hunters and wars with 1000 resilience.

  12. Half of the population cant even run Wotlk on medium wym mop bro xD

  13. Both are unbalanced trash.

    MOP had the best PVP experience but they went away from that in later expansions...

    WOTLK is SM and PVE trinket fest... good luck playing warlock in bgs and not farming the other faction... 2 shot by hunters and wars with 1000 resilience.
    I mean 284 meta is trash, but MoP is the same if not worse in the unbalance :x

  14. I would like to see Cataclysm realm again. It's a great exp.

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