1. Getting stuck in high gs BG's

    So I'm a 2.5k gs PvP player and I noticed that I wasn't getting any Isle of Conquest games whenever I random queued so I decided to queue for it directly. I found a match and immediately noticed how geared everyone was. I'm talking 5k gs or more. I had heard that Warmane had made efforts to separate low geared players from the high geared ones and just assumed that most high geared players were getting placed in Isle of Conquest to divide the two groups. The issue is that ever since I was placed in that Isle of Conquest game, EVERY match I play I'm matched with high gs players no matter the BG. Like I said I'm only a 2.5k gs scrub and I'm tired of getting one-shotted by 6k gs rogues every game. Is there any way to fix this so I can go back to playing with my fellow low geared noobs?

  2. They separate gear, but as a specific bg takes more time. In order to wait less time, they will push you to bg with high gear.

    First of all u queue with ~same gear, after that /w all kind of gears or smth like this.

  3. Get Furious set+Wrathful/Relentless offset. You will hit 5.2k gs and 1.1k resi. and 27k hp.
    After that you can do arena for full Wrathful Set. Thats all..
    Edited: February 23, 2019

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