1. Envyleros (A) is selling SWP t6 token


    Envyleros is a guild that is currently in the last phase of progressing M'uru and ultimately KJ. To compensate massive costs, we decided to start selling tier token which we currently don't need anymore. Currently we offer:

    Bracers - 6k


    Belt - 6k


    Boots - 6k


    If you didn't find your desired tierpiece here yet, feel free to check in later on as I will keep this thread updated. If you feel you are in urgent need of a tiertoken not being offered right now, but are willing to pay a decent price, then you can also contact me on the Forum or whisper me ingame on Insolol.

    We do kill the first 3 bosses on wednesdays, starting invites at18:30 Servertime. We require the following of you if you want to attend and buy in these raids:

    - showing us that you have the requested amount of gold before we start
    - brief knowledge of the encounters you will attend
    - a basic set of consumables to bring for the raid

    If you happen to not catch me online or on forum, you can also contact Rockyraacoon or other officers, however, they might just redirect you to me.

    Best regards,

    Insolol - Envyleros
    Edited: December 11, 2018

  2. We are happy to announce the sale of the remaining Rogue/Mage/Druid tokens on next Wednesday. Prices also adjusted.

  3. updated with new token and prices.

  4. Hey is the offer still standing?
    Iam Horde atm and dont know if you guys are still raiding!

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