1. Looking for some Arenas for stream content. ANY exp may apply. i can teach

    @forum admin i'm a ******ed American, i might have posted this in wrong spot, can you move it to right spot so it can be seen if i'm indeed ******ed, thank you <3

    3k+ exp (3010 is still 3k+ dont @ me). 7x R1 16x glad 4x Hero of the horde rogue LF anyone with a little knowledge of their class to que with. i'm not going to take it too serious, just looking for some fun games. idc comp. we can run ANYTHING. hmu on icecrown horde. Silentology is name.

    Twitch.tv/itsmaxion is my stream, feel free to follow :) .

    I love your face
    -Silent xoxo

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