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  1. So if you only pvp then why shouldnt we all just swap to Alliance then?
    To make life easier for the Horde premades to prey upon the muddied waters of the Alliance queueing?

    The reason its imbalanced is the racials, plain and simple.
    I wish it were that simple. But it isn't. Cross-realm plays a part. Blackrock gearing process plays a part. Popularity of specific pre-made-battleground guilds play a part. People choosing factions without giving a rat's backside what the racials are plays a part. The list goes on.

    Pvp realms have the imbalance, not as much PvE. If horde could run the human racial on their classes, they would do that nearly every time. And druids would always run night elf for the completely game changing vanish that only alliance get.
    The difference of racials isn't what imbalances a battleground. The people those racials potentially attract imbalances a battleground more than the racials themselves do. The power of racials themselves have an impact on arenas, but not so much on battlegrounds.

    You cant claim "blizz-like" based on whats in current retail since they fixed the *****ic racial imbalance but you will not.
    The blizzlike argument is irrelevant. Hence why there's a poll. There are so many issues and holes in the blizzlike argument that it's not even worth mentioning.

    As much as I hate alliance, if they are just getting the best of both worlds why should i keep playing horde if all I do is PvP?
    I suppose win-rates are not a concern then?

    Que time is a penalty for getting the racial advantage. And dont pretend dual trinket or game changing vanish, isnt a rather sizable advantage.
    Do you think EMFH or Shadowmeld will save you in a 3v1? How much of an impact do you actually think these racials will have in a 5v3 fight?
    Maybe you're concerned about perfectly even fights in the middle of the BG? "Fighting in mid" is not how BGs are won.
    What about 1v1s? That's what dueling is for. Trying to seek out 1v1s in a BG is often a waste of time, especially when you consider that most 1v1s are ended with some more people showing up and killing the opponent. If you're having trouble with a 1v1, then it is also usually wise to ask for assistance.
    What about even fights on top of the objectives? Tunneling the healer who has less resilience due to EMFH and using double pve trinket, or bring more people to the base, or bring a healer of your own. All of these things have more of an impact than any racial by a wide margin.

    I would agree that racials could be considered the root cause of any aforementioned imbalances, but it is not the racials themselves that cause imbalance in the battlegrounds. The racials are an incentive to play Alliance and Alliance having large numbers is of concern. But on what level would a custom change to racials be welcome?
    This system is meant to address any issues that may exist in extreme situations where the Alliance don't have anyone at all to queue into. Now, is that in itself a bad thing? If so, then why? Also please be sure to leave your vote in the poll itself at the top of the page.

  2. Only one thing to say if this gets approved and implemented.

    To all the players who rolled alliance because they win most bgs and have honey-buttered racial skill, you may now eat that because you started this measure by doing what you did in the first place.

    I support this measure tho.

  3. lol who is this animals who vote NO? 100% pve playes who don't care. It is amazing idea and something new. Talking about balance in pvp is so lame where have donation shop and ton of SMourne runing around.

  4. As explained, multiple times, Alliance players will not be placed on the same team as Horde players.
    Can you explain that better to me please?

    Example, I join with my human rogue ---------> I end up as a undead rogue with human racials -------> in which team do i get if not in the horde team? Lol? Who will be my enemy, alliance or horde? This is really confusing.

  5. Yes and? I don't give a damn what you stated, I'll say what i have to say. Alliance are complaining about frivolous things - appearance, while horde have legit reasons to be concerned.
    Then actually post a relevant argument that actually coincides with what I stated, or don't quote me m8.

  6. This beats the purpose of Alliance vs Horde and the alliance ques aren't that long also. Just give it some time and everything will be balanced in time or make a faction changes free ( once a week or so ) . Just imagine seeing a human or any alliance class turn into a horde class ( with their original racials). Imagine a nelf turn into a tauren and uses shadowmeld (ninja cow?), that would be a sight.. fun server?. Those are just my thoughts.

  7. I vote yes - rated battlegrounds are retail are already like this and I literally NEVER heard anyone on ally complain about being horde in a rated battleground. It's just a game, and faster queues are better.

  8. The only question I have is how long would this take to develop and implement on the servers? Or rather, how long after the poll closes can we expect to see this?

  9. If this is implemented I'm done with Warmane.

  10. No need to vote for this. Theres no backside on this. No more alliance-only SM Raper groups? what a sad time

  11. This will absolutely destroy Horde pvp. I'm talking about mass transfers of the only pvp guilds on horde side to alliance.

  12. I didn't bother to read all other posts by ppl but
    If that applies only to blackrock players everyone will be happy
    but if u apply this for lord or specially for icecrown realms not only u will **** the players on ally up but most importantly
    why ? because everyone will be playing as human for racial and say "yeah im horde but also have human racials cool"
    and even more the world pvp will be no more,this will also effect pve and you will be ****ed up in no time
    just apply that only for blackrock ppl
    not lord
    not icc

  13. Nice! I hope you can do something about Arenas too.

  14. No need to vote for this. Theres no backside on this. No more alliance-only SM Raper groups? what a sad time
    I think you should read the article again

  15. Hopefully, this **** does not get implemented.

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