View Poll Results: Should we enable same-faction mercenary mode on our WoTLK realms?

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  1. 2 Days Ago  

  2. 2 Days Ago  
    I feel like since the change theres a group of alliance players that are unhappy since they can't just queue an d stomp and GY farm the other team now. Honestly this change is good for PvP it makes more balanced for both factions overall but if you don't like being forced to play Horde as Alliance or breaks the RP aspect for you you can opt-out of it.

  3. 2 Days Ago  
    The one drawback I see coming from mercenary mode all together is that a lot of horde from Icecrown have or will, go to alliance. There is not much incentive to actually be horde for pvp anymore. In the coming months/years I won't be surprised if the bg systems become alliance vs alliance(horde). Another drawback to that is the farming in world zones will most certainly favor alliance, rip duels in Durotar/Raids on Stormwind lol, there won't be any horde to protect ( or attack). This could be all speculation... but we will just have to see for now.

  4. 2 Days Ago  
    This could be all speculation
    Actually not speculations, but a real scenario.
    Yes, bgs are more balanced, but sadly we already saw toxic behaviour from some alliance mercenaries, who are not really willing to play horde and they will just afk bgs or run from fights.
    the other, big, drawback is that there is not really any reason to roll horde. Just go alliance, be mercenary, keep your emfh and play as horde. This means an heavily unbalanced wpvp and such.
    But they voted for it. Now I assume we keep it and face it

  5. 1 Day Ago  
    But they voted for it. Now I assume we keep it and face it
    Lets face it after it becomes a problem, for now the Battleground experience for horde have improved 200%.

  6. 5 hours ago  
    I notice many people seeing the main problem to be alliance human racial bonus but the truth is this problem comes from the easy way to obtain the high end heroic trinkets.This was never a case in blizzard or normal blizzlike servers.I have always been a player that dose pvp and pve exacly for the reason to have the high end pve items wich is pretty much useless here since u dont need to know anything about pve to get the offset pve items u need.One of the main problems with the server is exacly the easy way to obtain heroic gear i think what can be done is at least to increase the price for hc items.

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