View Poll Results: Should we enable same-faction mercenary mode on our WoTLK realms?

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  1. I like the idea, Id so go for it honestly. But it seems to be a lot more complicated than it has to be? Why not just mix factions? Why would anyone care if they ended up with some hordes on their team, we're there to pvp not to rp xd

  2. I really hope this doesnt end up coming into bg's. One of my favorite things about these expansions and partially the reason i play this private server is because of the community that was lost in retail. I enjoy going into battlegrounds fighting the enemy faction, i love fighting the same players or starting to know certain players who are good and who i shouldnt try to 1v1. It builds reputation for players which would be lost if im just fighting more alliance. It would make it feel more cross realm and i think it would hurt the pvp community. I for one really enjoy seeing someone in a battleground that has killed me in previous games, i like the feel of redemption and starting to learn the opposite factions community. This probably wasnt worded great, but i would be disappointed playing against other allies when all i want to do is gank horde

  3. Please NO for this, if i wanna play dirty horde i will do. BUT I play alliance and i do not wanna play with stinky horde in one team. I just wanna killing them!

  4. Thereís no way for this poll not to go through.

    Horde benefits from it the most (thatís already close to 50% votes), and there are always people on the Alliance like me,who donít give a damn and will give it a go.

    Looking forward to this. HeuHeu
    What in the world let you to the conclusion that horde benefits in any way shape or form from this change? just curious why there being 0 reason whatsoever to play horde anymore will help the faction somehow.
    And btw, if horde made up 50% of pvp players this poll wouldn't have been created in the first place

  5. If this mode start doesn't that mean more horde will go alliance cause they can be humans and don't need to suffer long queue times cause they can fight their own faction players now?

  6. i have played both alliance and horde pvp and pve a lot

    horde is more dedicated towards pve, once you hit the gear score for rdf hc 90% of your hcs are gonna be successful, que time is much lower even as dps
    horde most of the times go bg with pve gear because they dont care much about pvp and they are being killed after 1 cc

    alliance is more pvp dedicated, finishing an rdf hc is 50-50, they dont know tacs, they come with pvp gear and talents, they dps single target abilities on group of 3-5 mobs, they ragequit and blame each other

    forcing alliance players to pvp on horde side wont work
    winners dont want losers to prevent them from winning

    the only way to fix the faction imbalance is to remove factions

  7. vote yes, great option :3 "elderas"

  8. Yes is means horde pvp will be worst then ever 😥

  9. Hello everyone. If you'd like to have a discussion about the Human racial 'Every Man For Himself' or other ideas that you think may be better ideas to address the issue of faction imbalance, please do so in already existing threads or create a new one in a forum section such as General Discussion.

  10. If it's all transformation, why not take it further and add horde/alliance players to the bg side where it needs help. And to be done based on gear. On blackrock it was amazing to be mostly the same gear both sides and mixed up. Made the bgs as balanced as they could be. If you could work around with the "costumes" to reach something as close to that as possible. There is also the option mentioned above by someone else: using two bg queues. One, to mix both factions to play as together as any, horde or alliance, all of them mixed up (which will result in short queues). The other que, the factions are split like normal and only have the mercenary when it's needed, in order to make the que shorter.

  11. Also, hopefully this will mean that there will be a LOT less AV and IOC? Because it would be a pain and unfair to fill 80 alliance players into one AV to battle each other 40/40. While horde need another 40 alliance players for their AV and IOC. Please make it lower chance for these bgs to pop up, just like you did on blackrock. There the chance for it to be AV was 1/15 not 1/3 like on Icecrown.

  12. Guess the only PvP I will be doing is world PvP. And this poll seems to be rigged.
    I also agree that PvE players shouldnt be allowed to vote.

  13. Gotta admit I like the overall idea behind this poll, but there's still a few issues that should be adressed while talking about Warmane Battlesgrounds and PvP in general. Though I voted "Yes", there's still huge doubt this will change anything regarding faction imbalance, because it's not only a matter of queue waiting times but a matter of actual in-game balance, too. The latter is quite broken for years now, mainly due to the AV enabler add-on and you should carefully evaluate every possible option before implementing this Mercenary system. On Icecrown in particular there's only one capable/competitive PvP guild (The Knights Templar) and a few smaller ones (Carpe Noctem for example) while there's like four or five large PVP guilds on the Horde site who're, unlike the alliance guilds, constantly joining battlegrounds with large numbers. In other words: while Alliance is dominating Arena, Horde's dominating BG's and that's something that won't change if the better alliance PvP players get switched to horde groups for example.

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