Hey, came back to the server (blackrock) purely to pvp, trying to gear my character. To react to the previous poster, I'm more of a fan of alliance, playing that in tbc as well, but I won't die if I need to fight for the horde (that said, blackrock players are basically horde players). My issue is the following: here we are, 5.5 gearscore blackrock rookies with the occasional icecrown horde against endless "hordes" of fully geared alliance - as much as I live the concept of blackrock, it is seriously discouraging. Not to mention that I made an alliance character to play alliance once in a while - there is one potential solution here, that will address the biggest issue - gear imbalance. Make the merc mode for everyone including Icecrown players. That would potentially lead to very intereting BGs - its already a mess anyway, most people run with alliance racials.