1. ok guys time to say goodbye to our characters

  2. Just a quick notice, our developers are aware of the connectivity issue that has been happening for the past few days. For now, the issue can be temporarily removed by restarting the server, but we are looking for a permanent solution. So, if the connection issue occur feel free to message one of the moderators on forum and we will forward the message to the devs.

  3. Thanks Empyrean!

    PS, there is a minor lag/dc right now as of 00:23 AM, for those that are going through forum right now and wondering. So you are not alone :)

  4. same here been trying for days.....

  5. Thank you, Empyrean! Oh.. Frostwolf is down again. x-x

  6. Thank you, Empyrean! Oh.. Frostwolf is down again. x-x
    Frostwolf is already back up!! <333

  7. Hey I have the same connection problem right now, is it just me or the server is down? (stuck on connected)

  8. Again. stuck on connected.
    this is so frustrating.

  9. Connection issues server wide ? Or just my end.? Was mid bg went down just wondering if happened to more than just myself.

    Update : Notified Moderator ...servers up again :)
    Edited: March 19, 2019

  10. Frostwolf stuck at connected. I messaged Empyrean about it on forum.

  11. Still Down, any news if its getting fixed??

  12. It won't take long I hope, seems like everyone are having the same issue right now.

    This should be a main-thread for everyone, coming here, to see and post about the server status, so that everyone may know :)

  13. I guess we can call it GGs guys/gals :D .

  14. Anyone else able to log in right now?

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