Hi all we are social English speaking guild and we are looking for active members to contribute to our progression!

Our progression is:
ICC 10: 12/12
ICC 25 : 11/12
RS 10/25: 4/4
ToGC 25: 4/5

ICC HC will start soon!

Raid days:
Wednesday: ToC 25 or ToGC 25 6 pm st
Thursday: our main day RS 25 5 pm and ICC 25 6:30 pm
Friday: Core ICC 10 6:30 pm
Saturday: ICC 10 2nd group 7 pm
Sunday: ICC 25 cont. 6:30 pm

We want to make a 3rd ICC 10 group too for gearing ppl.

For raiding with us you must:
-Understand English and can come to Discord
-Know you class, spec and have DBM
-We use Quick DKP for loot
-We are building a nice community so toxic behaviour is not tolerated.

Core 25 is almost set but skilled players will always be considered and given opportunities.

Classes classified by need:

-Hunter: Needed

-Death Knight: Blood (low could use more), Unholy (not needed), Frost (needed)

-Druid: Restoration (low), Bear (low), Cat (not needed), Balance (medium could use one more)

-Mage: Fire (not needed), Arcane (low)

-Paladin: Protection (not needed), Holy (low could use 1 or 2 more), Retribution (not needed)

-Priest: Holy (low), Disc (not needed), Shadow (not needed)

-Rogue: Not needed

-Shaman: Restoration ( low could use 1 or 2 more), Enha (low), Elemental (low)

-Warlock: Affli (low), Demo (low), Destro (low)

-Warrior: Not needed

If someone wishes to join please whisper me Colarise / Pera or one of the officers:

-Omegara / Belekone / Beleks

-Rokavela / Rokah / Rokakoka / Brutala / Dinesa / Rokavella

Or contact us on our discord https://discord.gg/gnUaCBW