1. fps drops when moving arround // normal after standing still for 3 seconds

    Dear All,

    Yesterdy i found out stuttering and lagging while flying in Grizzly Hills and walking in Dalaran. By STRG + R i found out that my fps in Dala is down to 35 and in GH even worse to 25 fps. But when i stop moving, after 3 to 4 sec it raises to its normal Level of up to 160 fps.

    Yesterday i made full new install of my windows system including the fix for kb4489899.

    Before I ever had average 90 fps outside in Forrest and up to 180 in dungeons. About 70 in Dala.

    I am wondering why movement of my Char makes the fps dropping so massivliy. Movement of the mouse does not matter. only movement of my Char. Hardware Cursor does not affeckt it.

    My System

    Asus B250G
    Intel i7 7700
    32 GB Ram
    Nvidia RTX 2080

    Windows 10 64 Bit
    Nvidia 419.35
    1920 X 1080
    All Video Settings on ultra

    THX for helping me out.

    Best Regards

  2. Use Large Address Aware

    The game is 32 bit and is limited to only being able to access 2 gigs of your 32 gigs system memory.

    Large Address Aware lets the game access more.

    May not be your problem but anybody who plays this game on a 64 bit operating system should be using it. Just asking for trouble if you're not.


  3. Hi,

    Thanks a lot to You! Ill try this out. I have one last question: How do I make hardware cursor permanently turned off?- It brings about 20fps for me. I turn it off via ingame options menue, but it is not saved for the next game start. I have to do it each time I start the game again.

    Is there a known config command? SET xyz "0" ?

    There is no copy protection on my config.cfg int WTF folder.

    Is there another hidden config file?

    Thanks again. And btw: crazy profile pic :-)

  4. I don't know about that setting, I've never changed it from hardware cursor. But since you mention you get 20 fps with it off, I think I'll give it a go with my aging 4790k.
    I get 120-ish FPS as it is with my GTX 1070 but crowded areas can really pull it down and I'd like the extra frames.

    Example: I get 120 FPS flying to Dalaran, but when I'm in the town on a busy day it can drop down in the 20's

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