1. Why are the DK's so glitchy?

    i have attempted two different death Knight's in an attempt to play my favorite class which is the ONLY reason I am on WoW private servers again.
    every time i finish the first series of quests from Prince Valanar, Salanar the Horseman, Olrun the Battlecaller, and Orithos the Sky Darkener, i get stuck where I can not continue on. Prince Valanar is supposed to give me a quest next to go talk to Gothik the Harvester, but never does. I have even doulbe checked online to make sure i was remembering right, and ran ALL over the entirety of the Death Knight starting area and there is no quest ANYWHERE for me to accept halting my progression of the intro. Am I screwed? is there anything that can be done? Literally the one thing I wanna do is the one thing I seem to not be able to do on this server.... play a DK........
    Please Help....Somebody.....

  2. There is a quest you need to pick from a mailbox. The mailbox is outside of the house just southwest from the horse enclosure.

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