1. 3 Days Ago  

    Hotfix brought chat problems

    It appears there was a small patch somewhere this week. Among the changes I noticed, Teron Gorefiend has an Orc skin now, as opposed to having an Undead skin previously.

    Among relevant updates though, it seems some changes were made to the conditions that result in a player being muted. As a result, my current interface (ArenaLive is the "culprit") now mutes me from the game from time to time. Other guildmates have reported not being able to write in chat from time to time for no apparent reason (no previous messages in the last minutes).

    Anyone else experiencing these problems?

  2. 3 Days Ago  
    Yep, having the same issue since Sunday/Monday...

    already tried deleting the cache and chat addons but it didnt work. Gets very annoying when in one second u can normally type to ur party/guild and in the next moment it wont work for no reason.

  3. 3 Days Ago  

  4. 2 hours ago  
    I have noticed that sometimes when i say something it doesent apear in chat box and ill have to say it again.
    like i would type something and press enter and nothing would be said.

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