1. Hotfix brought chat problems

    It appears there was a small patch somewhere this week. Among the changes I noticed, Teron Gorefiend has an Orc skin now, as opposed to having an Undead skin previously.

    Among relevant updates though, it seems some changes were made to the conditions that result in a player being muted. As a result, my current interface (ArenaLive is the "culprit") now mutes me from the game from time to time. Other guildmates have reported not being able to write in chat from time to time for no apparent reason (no previous messages in the last minutes).

    Anyone else experiencing these problems?

  2. Yep, having the same issue since Sunday/Monday...

    already tried deleting the cache and chat addons but it didnt work. Gets very annoying when in one second u can normally type to ur party/guild and in the next moment it wont work for no reason.

  3. I have noticed that sometimes when i say something it doesent apear in chat box and ill have to say it again.
    like i would type something and press enter and nothing would be said.

  4. I'm also having the same issues. Turning off addons/clearing cache etc didnt help.

  5. Hello.
    ALOT of ppl seem to have problems whit this.
    It is super annoying having to sometimes type the same thing 4 times before it shows in chat.
    This can also effect the gameplay in a big way imagine being in a raid where one has to call something out.
    now there is a big chance that he will have to type it more then once and thus be too late and potentially wiping the raid over a chat related bug.

    LF GMs to give an update on this, are ppl looking into this or will we have to live whit this.

  6. LF GMs to give an update on this, are ppl looking into this or will we have to live whit this.
    Did anyone report this on the Bug Tracker after it was confirmed by others to be happening?
    If no, it probably isn't being looked into, unless it was something noticed by a Developer or QA directly.

  7. There are 4-5 Tickets in the Bugtracker since last week. The Dev answered in one ticket but couldnt reproduce it on their end so idk...

    For example. It seems to get triggered heavily in combat and zoning in/out...

  8. If they can't reproduce it they won't even be able to confirm the bug is happening from something on the server side.
    Instead of opening multiple reports that will just get dismissed, gather more details of the exact situation when it happens (including all add-ons being used) and post in a single report.

  9. First of all, the reports were created by different people.

    Second, im trying to gather as many information possible in the last days but idk how to help more to find out what causes it...

  10. First of all, the reports were created by different people.
    You aren't the only one posting in the thread, and I didn't quote you specifically, but mentioned something you said. Don't assume everything is about you.

  11. yeye sorry, its just ppl come here, rant about the issue and then leave this topic, so i thought you were adressing this at me^^
    just wanted to make it clear, they not all from me
    Edited: March 23, 2019

  12. ok my friend and me found the issue while we did some testing. There seems to be a throttling on Chat/Addonmessages with some of the last hotfixes which will cause players to mute while they zone in and combat. Certain Addons (Bufflib, Losecontrol mainly but DTM/Omen too) will send Addonmessages and will give u like a timeout/mute after certain amount of messages from ur end...

    Thing is, most addons need to send Addonmessages to function properly, so yea...hope the devs will pick up on it quick :)

    Posted the results in this Report: https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/78228

  13. This is the official answer in the bug report:

    "It was indeed related to addon messages, after recent changes they were no longer excluded from normal chat throttle checks. This has been corrected and will go live on the next TBC update.

    Thank you for your help everyone!"

    Thanks for helping. I think we can close this topic :)

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