1. Help! Character restoration problems

    Hi there I recently created a new toon yesterday for the first time on Lorderon and leveled him to 11 all day. I then deleted him accidentally because I thought that Icecrown had similar leveling stats and I wanted to change to a more populated server. After I found out it was not I tried to get him restored as there is a 3 day grace period however I restored the wrong toon as I created one with the same name already.

    The character I wanted restored was called Graziol a level 11 undead mage on Lordaeron. Please please please could I have him restored as I dont want to have all of yesterdays farming go to waste due to my own stupidity :(.

    For the record im loving the server and am looking forward to experiencing the full WOTLK package. Thanks

  2. Your character has to be above a certain level to be eligible for character restoration. I believe that level requirement is 60.

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