1. Son of hadir quarter master

    I bought a character off warmane trade and it was already exalted with son of hodir. I sumbitted a ticket when i couldnt see the quarter master. the GM told me to do spark of hope. I couldnt see that quest at all netiher could i see any quest from thorim. I started the quest chain from the start and got stuck at bearback since i was already exalted and couldnt target them. I dont know what else to do help

  2. I did alll the quests leading up to The Refiner's Fire, I went to the metal slab to start this quest but i do not get it at all and thorim gives me no quests at all too.

  3. Just keep trying to turn it in, it'll work eventually.

  4. Its not about turning it in , i literally cant get a quest form the metal slab , The refiners fire thats the next quest i need but i literally cant get it from the metal slab


    Just recently completed mending fences which is the quest ur supposed to do before this, after that ur supposed to get refiners fire from the metal slab but i dont get anyhting

  5. Metal slab is an item that drops from the big npcs that gives you the quest, you dont get the quest from the anvil.
    Or am I misunderstanding something here?

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