1. Will there be any reward for people who managed to watch who that boring setup tournament ?

  2. That's part of the point of the tournament. To get people to play.
    You might get ppl to play this tournament, but that is a far cry from getting a healthy pvp scene on warmane. I would much rather you focus your energies on fixing what is clearly broken. 49/50 2s teams are alli and almost ALL of them are human, and you honestly think the way to get pvp going again on warmane is to host a little tournament??? BGs are an absolute unbalanced train wreck, mercenary mode has nearly everyone angry, and THIS is how you "fix" it???? LMFAO.

  3. Problem is this 277!284 pve meta. Bring back 264 max and we will have great arena again

  4. Problem is this 277!284 pve meta. Bring back 264 max and we will have great arena again
    Indeed. How are ppl supposed to play specs like EnH shami or BM hunter in that meta?

  5. Thats exactly the problem. Cause of this stupid meta the tournament is only about war and pal.
    You can't even play something else than human cause trinket are to strong in 284.

    Not a single mage in this tournament ?!!! Nice

  6. PLz ADD Arena

    The format of the tournament be Round Robin, containing 8 teams, with the basis of ‘Best of Three‘ concept. Once we have the best 4 teams, the tournament will switch to Single Elimination.

    How to qualify:
    Spoiler: Show

  7. Hi, is there going to be an official stream on twitch or something like that?

  8. +1 about the question about official stream and new update

  9. Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/warmane

    Tournament date: 29-30 June 16.00 server time
    Says it right there in the description :D

  10. yeah i just came to say that lol. nevermind & thanks.

  11. Oh, that's today already?
    Where is the hype train? I expected ingame and website announcements and some confetti

  12. July 2, 2019  
    before i opened a topic about it. warmane devs must change everyman for himself or they should give a racial like that to horde. i still remember from wotlk to legion all ladder was full human at original server. dk warrior and paladin are already OP for this expansion. with double trinket especially dbw they are being deeply faceroll classes at arena.

    ''Mage warlock rogue priest druid'' this game needs this classes too. You cant continue with 12k online players if you wont do anything about horde vs ally balance and class balances. Other class players will be bored at the end.

    ps: i am a rogue player since vanilla.

  13. Will there be another tournament after this season?
    And why no update about when season ends?

  14. Great work guys. I've played many servers but this is most enjoyable.

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