1. BIS Shadow Priest Gemming AFTER HasteCap


    I was wondering about this:
    As we all know that for the Items that give +5sp bonus, based on PP values if they are red or yellow you should gem +12sp +10 haste to get the bonus +5p
    instead of +23sp since +12sp + (+10 haste x 0.98 = 9.8sp ) + 5sp = 26.8sp and that is higher than 23sp.

    However is that above still hold true after the soft cap of 1269 haste?

    If you are soft capped or even 1300 haste already, should you still gem +12sp +10 haste to get the 5sp bonus or go back to +23sp?



  2. It would be great if someone could share some insight, thanks!

  3. http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/summary
    Here you go...
    You could maybe gem Legs and Belt/Feet with pure 23 spell power tbh, but couple of those gems wont change a thing.
    Overall basic idea is: 1269 for haste cap, after that make sure u activate your meta gem with 2x 12sp10spirit (1 in helm 1 in belt/feet) gems, gem 12sp10crit in the yellow gems, and 23 spell power in the rest.
    Also, there is a slightly better itemisation if i remember right for other races where you go for Gunship Neck, but i cant remember...
    Edited: April 2, 2019

  4. thanks for your reply Gnimo (I've been reading your guides to learn FDK) ^_^
    Do you know if shadow priest have a crit softcap? If not, can one say that on yellow gems that give 5sp (such as wand), 23SP is still better than 12sp10crit based on pp values?
    Edited: April 2, 2019

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