1. [A] Avatar is recruiting for Black Temple and Hyjal!

    So? You want to finish the job? Avatar is currently recruiting all capable persons to clear Black Temple and possibly more in the future.

    Watch -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vkapdM5SRk&t=265s

    What do we do?

    Raid 3 times a 25 man raid a week on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 17:45 - 21:00 server time.
    -- Doing fun stuff on other days.

    To cut it short, Avatar raiders are:

    Mostly based in Northern/Western Europe. (We ofcourse are willing to accept people from all over the universe)
    Eager to raid and progress. Dedication!!!
    Experienced raiders.
    Reliable attendees.
    Decently skilled.
    Quick learners.
    Are or at least trying to be decent, relaxed, and non-toxic persons.
    Able to consider the importance of the guild as a whole.

    What do we expect?

    -- Dedication!!! You must want to progress!
    We need you to be strongly prepared for raids. This means that you bring consumables, show up well on time and have a thorough understanding of (scheduled) boss tactics.
    Be able to express yourself in English (Very well).
    80 percent attendance.
    -- Be T6 ready geared.
    The remaining obvious which fits a progressive raiding guild.

    See yourself fitting into this? Do you want to have lots of fun raiding, and progressing and be part of a chill and active environment? Please contact us on discord linadillar#2199, or send an officer an ingame message.

  2. Do you looking for Rshaman/Rdruid?

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