1. Looking for more options in tidyplates

    Hi, I recently tried tidyplate, really cool addon, but I would like to be able to do 2 things I was not able to do with default themes :

    - being able to use different color between enemy players and mobs, to better see enemies that are not mobs.
    - being able to only hide friendly/neutral NPC plates, but not friendly players ones.. Current options only allow to disable all friendly plates, player or npc, not really convenient..

    Is there any tidyplate addon that could do that ? (or any other nameplates addon)

  2. Currently using tidyplates as well, nice addon but the options are not very extensive. I saw someone in a WOTLK video with nameplates that change color depending on enemy class, let me know if you find anything like that.

  3. You can change ennemi nameplates to their classcolor with tidyplates: Interface -> Game -> Combat -> [ ] Class Colors in Nameplates
    tick that box and tidy plates will carry it over.

  4. you can change color of nameplates by class even in default blizz options (if im not mistaken)

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