1. 1 Week Ago  

    Problems with Weak Auras

    Hello guys i play on icecrown server, since yesterday i dont know why im having problems with addons like Weak auras, tell me when, power auras, i just cant get them to work.

    2/3 days ago i download and configurated weak auras for my shaman all went smooth and good, but since yesterday wa stoped to work. the /wa command dont ever work even the "auras" i made show up.

    I already tryed just to load weakauras, delete cache/wtf folder and even multiple versions of the addon (all for 3.3.5 ofc) and all without good results. now the problem is i cant even make any addons like that one get to work.. below is a screenshot from powa that should be all ok but its not...

    powa: https://i.imgur.com/pc0STwp.jpg

    i already tryed everything =\ can someone "guide" me whats can get this addon block?

  2. 2 Days Ago  
    esc-interface-game-help-lua errors

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