1. Can both of you please try again, i fixed up a bug that was causing this problem
    January 2021 update:
    Setting realm not working anymore. However, bot still works on all commands, except setrealm and setfaction, on a server that has already realm set previously.

  2. Hi Man, this project is very good. It would be great if you could make this open source maybe programmers like me would be interested in helping.

    For example, I would like to make a file compatible with in-game addons such as TSM or Auctioneer. So that a program installed on the PC can download the dataset and place it in the addon folder every so often. I have already done this on another server and it is really useful. But the server where I did it has an auction house endpoint, unfortunately warmane does not. You could also make it so that every time a price reaches a certain price a notification is sent to the user informing him that the desired price is available in the auction house. The possibilities are endless.
    I hope you can share the code or make the information more accessible through an api since one scan a day might not be enough for many... However, it may be of some use to me.

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