1. Mount from Brunnhildar

    I was just curios how many dailies u have done on WotLK before u got a mount,also same applies to VoA mount.

  2. depends on luck, i got mine for 3 days xD and have some friends doing dailys for a year without success
    and for VoA i cant tell anything, never seen it drop

  3. I think I needed like 30-40 dailies for the bear.

    As for the mammoth, I'm pretty sure it's bugged. I've had it dropped like back in molten, more than 4-5 years ago. Haven't seen it dropped or heard about it in warmane yet. And it's not supposed to be that rare, is it? Im pretty sure it's like 2% droprate, which isn't that low.

  4. Seen the VOA Mount drop a few months ago.
    Sadly it was not possible to loot.
    Cause something something greedy leader something something loot bugged out cause something something time stalling....

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