1. That's the alt of Homerjay, one of the best hunters. He plays mainly marksman, but sometimes survival in 3s. Look him up on YouTube if u want

  2. I know him but survival?

    Ok so its MMR from 3s? Or he got this as MM and switched to survival ?

  3. It's php so he's marksman, survival is just a random offspec.

  4. Sometimes when playing 3s, he explained in his guide, he likes survival because of the extra survivability. If you get focused, it can help you out.
    Also, survival is not that bad, especially in 3s.

  5. Survival is not best burst spec but best sustained damage spec with Lockn'Load proc and free 3 Explosive Shot used properly, way more damage than Chimera Shot and it have lower cd with 6sec. Also have tools and talents for pvp cases plus Cunning pet/talent utilities.
    Survival is overall best pvp hunter spec IF when played wisely like that.
    But it is hardest to play and master.

  6. Yeah, used to be my alt but I am not playing on it currently anymore. Was just a lended character. Tried out a bit of survival for lulz. In general its clearly inferior to mm. It can only shine a bit in 3s when you play with another specc that has a range kick (ele sham or lock for example). In that case Silencing Shot is not THAT important anymore.

    As Yokk mentioned it does higher sustained damage than MM which can be cool but from my experience MM the specc to choose in 95 - 99% of all matchups.

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