1. New, returning after 12 years


    I'm new to Warmane and this is my first time playing WotLK since the first two years it had been released back around 2008.

    I was 12/13 at the time and I have really vivid memories of playing in around Ashenvale with my Night Elf Hunter. I don't remember getting past level 50 though.

    I'm currently playing Horde on Lordaeron to try; my Orc character is only level 5 at the moment although I'd be looking to group up with others who are farily new as well.

    I'm sometimes idle when I'm not playing so feel free to drop me an IM!

    EDIT: I'm 'Nobuya' in-game.
    Edited: April 14, 2019

  2. Welcome to Warmane!

    That has been a rather long hiatus, but I'm sure it wont take you too long to get back into the groove.

    We hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us :)

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