1. Where my chars

    I HAVE 2 CHARS ON OUTLAND SERVER. 70 lvl Maxho and Maxno. Yesturday i see. But now character list EMPTY!

  2. Sounds like your account was broken in to. I usggest you chqange your password and enable 2factor authentication.
    Go to My Account>Servivces> Charecter Restoration to see if you can restore them.

  3. i try comlogo "You do not have any characters that require restoration on Outland"

    before i try trade this chars but was errror "no chars can be sell" and in menu (my accaunt) i saw them. at next day i didt see chars on outlands server and see only empty list. =(((
    Edited: April 17, 2019

  4. Make sure you log in game to check your characters, not just look at the list on website. Also go on character trade page and check the list of characters you are selling. If you don't find your characters, make a support ticket on website here.

  5. I try this. and ticket i can made only this category: "Ban apeal".

  6. Other ticket types are only available to premium accounts. You mentioned that you tried to sell your char, which is a feature that is only available to premium accounts, so I assumed that your account is premium. If it's not, you can send an email to [email protected] instead.

  7. Please do as Anyone0 said and send mail to [email protected]

  8. I'm already writing ..ty for advice.

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