1. Deep Freeze Damage Formula

    I'm creating a small algorithm to simulate dps of a frost mage against bosses. I'm having trouble calculating the damage of a Deep Freeze cast, what seems to be too high in this server. By my calculations, a certain mage with 1900 SP, almost fully frost speced + 3% crit meta gem would do a max crit damage of:

    (1741 + 214.3% * 1900) * 2.03 * 1.06 * 1.05 = 13133

    where 1741 is max Deep Freeze base damage, 214.3% is coeficient of SP of Deep Freeze, 1900 is the aditional SP, 2.03 is the critical coeficient (considering meta gem), 1.06 is bonus from Piercing Ice talent and 1.05 is bonus from Arctic Winds talent.

    The problems come in practice: these attributes refers to my mage in Icecrown, where I do crit hits of 17k-18k with no trinkets (going to 21k with trinkets).

    Can someone explain where's my mistake? Or did this server have a custom formula for DF?


  2. I take it you're using DrDamage? If not, it shows all statistical data that goes into spell output for damage & healing. It may show something you have missed in your calculations as it seems you're missing a 30-35% crit multiplier somewhere or a 15-17.5% base damage multiplier from somewhere. Target debuffs maybe? As it may calculate your stuff first then compare it to the targets state afterward.

    Ohhh, some classes provide a 13% damage increase for spells which ends up being 29.37% damage multip when you crit, if : 0.13 * 2.03 * 1.06 * 1.05 is correct. Or I could be completely wrong :3

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