1. [ANSWERED] Iranians canít Connect to Warmane!

    Hello. me and as far as i know all iranian players that playing Warmane canít connect to warmane servers. (i think its all came from iran boycotts) but its not fair. we all worked hard for our characters. as i followed the matter from our ISPs they dont know what is the problem . i think we deserve a clear answer. thank you.

  2. Authentication problem for Iran's IPs since 17th April

    Hello Warmane staff and palyers,

    here is the problem :http://oi64.tinypic.com/2yjsrr6.jpg
    and below is the explanation:

    It's about 2 weeks we have problem opening warmane.com on browser, because of failure of "Performing a TLS handshake to www.warmane.com" and timeout of the connection.

    And now it's about 2 days we can not log into our accounts in the game, stuck in "Authenticating" stage, and after 1 or 2 minutes we got disconnected due to timeout.

    Now I'm using VPN to post this topic on forum, and cant access without VPN, we tested several things on our clients and figured out its not a client side problem, we deleted CACHE folder, renamed WTF folder, changed our ISPs, tested from several cities, restarted our modems and PCs, flushed DNS and renewed them, and NONE HELPED OUT.

    Also I contacted my internet service provider and they told me they have not closed any PORT and have not filtered any web page or web host in the certain day.

    Conclusion: Warmane has some serious problem with handshaking with clients with Iran IP, both in web application and game authentication.

    Thank you.
    Edited: April 19, 2019

  3. Athenticating issue from Iran


    i have the same problem as the other's which already posted below me.
    me and my other friends can not connect through the login screen of the game "stuck at Athenticating in the client".
    we tried everything we could but looks like nothing is working. so i believe that this comes from the warmane itself.
    also website wont open without vpn which i'm using currently.

    please check this two threads as well.
    Edited: April 19, 2019

  4. Iran government is blocking outside connections thus blocking your acess to our server. It has nothing to do with us or politics from other countries. Just yours. All the rest of the world that hasn't such issues, can connect just fine here. That being said, sorry, but we can't do anything.

    Any topic about this subject anywhere in the forum will be locked and directed here, being deleted after.

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