1. New to Warmane

    Hi Everyone,

    A few friends and I have been looking for a private server to get involved with for a variety of reasons, the chief being we don't like the current WoW expansions. My friend found Warmane, and we gave it a try because our favorite expansion is WotLK. We are very casual players, laid back players, but would love to get involved in some more serious PVE raiding in the future.

    We've had a fun time leveling up, but we hit a few snags that left us a little unhappy. The first is the server's queue time being absolutely absurd. How are we supposed to schedule times to play with eachother when it takes literally HOURS to get into the realm? We also found the LFG dungeon system to be buggy, tedious, and often unusable due to so few people using it while leveling up. Anyway, I'm here because I still love this realm, this expansion, and I want to give Warmane a chance. I just hit lvl 78, and am excited to get involved in end game PVE and PVP. I have a few questions, and would love some help and guidance as we are all complete noobs to this server.

    I've read there is a way around the server queue times by donating. Can anyone explain to me how this system works? How much money do I have to donate in order for my character to skip the queue time when I log in? Is it a one time donation fee or a recurring service I have to pay for?

    Along the same lines, I noticed that you can use "coins" to buy gear. How does this work? Can you theoretically hit lvl 80 in complete greens, donate a ton of money to Warmane, and then instantly be decked out in epic gear? I would hope that's not the case, because I imagine it would void the meaningful work it takes to gear up via grinding through raids.

    What is the best way to get involved in an end game guild for PVE? Should I spam trade chat with a macro looking for a guild as soon as I hit 80? Is there a raid finder system that lets me queue up into easier raids without being in a guild - try to get some gear doing that - and then looking for a guild?

    Thanks so much for reading this post and giving me some feedback. I'm excited to get involved!

  2. Hey there, welcome to the server.

    Most people don't farm dungeons for xp to level unless they're being carried by an 80, they just do quests since the xp multiplier makes them a little faster if you're efficient. We have our servers maxed out on population for stability reasons, but personally I don't believe the game world was designed for the amount we have now without reducing spawn times on nearly everything. Different countries and different donation methods have different minimum amounts but any amount will flag your account as premium to skip the queue forever. Yes, it's possible to fully gear a character with coins, even instant 80 them, but I'll say from my experience this isn't as common as some think. We have legendary quests working and all the raids are scripted, you can obtain it all with or without coins, and guilds are farming it. As for finding a guild, you should check out the realm's recruitment section over here or check out the trade/global chats in-game.

  3. Hi Cashrules808,

    I dont know if you are horde or alliance, but there are some good levelling guild on boths sides that accept anyone needing a place to hang there hat and help you get started with some gear and later on rdfs and help in raids.

    If you by chance are Alliance, feel free to come join us: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=400495

    If you are Horde, I would recommend checking out (if they are still around): http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=347969

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