1. Topic about Jiana on frostwolf

    Everyone who played battlegrounds with that horde paladin-Jiana has seen how he imitates that he is playing and actually sabotaging his team in every battleground,but its very hard to report him because he imitates that he plays for a while and than goes afk for few minutes and repeats.Also puts Hand of Protection on teamates that are atacking enemy healer and its not to protect them,because i have seen that in situation 3-4 dps on their healer alone.

    So can we all gather and support like a petition to get him dealth with.Again reports the normal way will not work,because of the reasons above,so we must find another way.

  2. Maybe he is botting? Which is definitely bannable.

  3. I haven't done pvp in a while but this is definitely a bot. They would auto cast HoP on anyone near or themselves most of the time just to do an action to avoid the afk. And I believe you can report this with a video but getting enough footage means you will have to stalk him to get the auto invervals between his actions which are usually 2-5 mins apart.

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