1. May 4, 2019  

    SomeOne or Something its stealing my stats and gems from equip in all my champio

    SomeOne or Something its stealing my stats and gems from equip in all my champio.

    Can check please what happen.

    Thanks Masters

  2. May 5, 2019  
    It appears to be a server bug I think. It's happening to other people as well.

  3. May 5, 2019  
    Also having this issue and a few people I know. Some of them re-did all of their stuff like 3 times and it all disappeared again when they log back on. Some others re-did them and don't have the issue again so idk. Seems like a bug that happens depending on something the player does, not sure. But it needs to get fixed now. This is such an unnecessary bug. Next bug would be something like, our chars getting insta deleted just by logging out.

  4. May 5, 2019  
    Oh thanks for give me that info, i wish master are working on, please. Thanks ruinationlol and MotionlessPrime.

  5. May 6, 2019  
    Best thing would then be to find the reproduction steps, make a bug report and pm a QA.
    That way they can quickly verify and alert the developers about a bug.

    There's something like that already fixed so you can check if it still happens later.

  6. May 6, 2019  
    I don't know how I can reproduce the issue for me my character was good when I logged out and upon login a few hours later enchants and gems were gone. And is the fix already applied? so it safe to re gem and enchant gear?
    Edited: May 6, 2019

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