1. May 7, 2019  

    [A] <RaidGroup 2> EU - PvE - Recruiting to keep clearing SWP

    [A] <RaidGroup 2> EU - PvE - Recruiting to keep clearing SWP

    RaidGroup is a multinational raiding guild based on Outland. We are recruiting people to continue clearing all the bossses in Sunwell plateau and our aim is to push for the death of Kil'jaeden the Deceiver EVERY week. We are a guild who fought together since Karazhan and Tier 4 and have since then been progressing through all content while keeping a big part of our original core.

    RG2 has some highly experienced people who all did progression in BT and SWP on retail TBC and also have a lot of endgame experience from other TBC private servers / projects.

    Since we raid only twice each week officially we demand also high attendance and having geared BT/SWP ready alts is also highly recommended and promoted so that we can be fast and efficient during our raid days.

    We will always try our best to give our members quality raiding and to succeed where others have failed!

    The Deciver shall die many times this spring 2019 on a PC near you!

    Current progression:
    T4 - Cleared
    T5 - Cleared
    MH - Cleared
    BT - Cleared
    ZA - Cleared
    SWP - Cleared

    Thursday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server time
    Sunday: 17:00 - 21:00 Server time

    We are looking for players that want to raid and complete all TBC content in a stable and grown up raid environment. The following applies to every single person to ensure everyone commits 100%
    Full consumables for four-hours of progression raiding.
    Ready on time and signing up in advance.

    Currently recruiting:

    Healer classes :

    Damage classes :

    Tank classes:

    However, every application is welcome and will be studied and although If your class is full / filled - exceptional applicants will always be considered!

    For any questions /w any officer in game.

    Council members (officers):

    Guildmaster - Woxxl

    ...Or contact me on discord : Grim#8101
    ...Or contact RG2 on discord: https://discord.gg/3SZUM6t

    Best regards!

    <RaidGroup 2>

  2. You guys looking for an aktive rshaman or rdruid?

  3. You guys looking for an aktive rshaman or rdruid?
    We stopped raiding a couple weeks ago.

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