1. 1 Week Ago  

    Bring back cata ?


    Do de have any chance to play on a cata realm again?
    Is that finally over ?

  2. 6 Days Ago  
    It looks like they have 5000$ to invest in advertisement with something like a PVP "championship" for a 100% working plan. Classic WOWs idea is already OUT, since Blizz works on Vanilla.

    I don't mention Warmanes cash as a bad thing, i hope they start to REWORK Cata and Mop servers. I believe some of US (your COMMUNITY) would gladly play even on a Realm provided by Warmane where in Cata only the Cata zones would work, but in 100%, (PVE, PVP [in PVP classic ones also, hardly scripted WOTLK Battlegrounds would be CLOSED]) in Mop the same way, almost forgot to mention on these realms the starting level could be the maximum level of the previois expansion starting gear would be -2 tier pve normal set of the latest raid from the previous expansions. (T9 for Cata, T11 for Mop) basic flying and ground mount/ race, Zones for special characters like DK, PANDAS, should be already completed by the time when you made your character.

    Anyway there secret project to work on Outland and Medivh failed a BIG ONE, instead of taking care of their CURRENT Cata and Mop realms and their COMMUNITY a bit. I think they could get out of this situation better, if they didn't start to work on their hidden top secret TBC project and force peoples to try it out... instead of that they could make cata and mop better like how they promised. Now their community (Outland) is also dying, even when Warmanes giving enough care to the realm.

  3. 5 Days Ago  
    It will be more likely that a wod or a Legion server will be released than a cata one

  4. 5 Days Ago  
    Wod 100% NO. Raids were kinda cool, but Legion could have been exciting, if it wouldn't be an equal expansion with MOP (Thanks to the hello Pokemons future).

    Legions End Game raids were NOT BAD... :) But the world quests and the class halls were as big bull**** like the artifact system.

    In WOD the lack of content and the garrison system was the problem, legendary ring questline and mythic raids were cool.

    MOP had good Pve and Pvp content aswell.
    Cataclysm with BWD, BOT, FL, DS HC was the best for HC fans after the booring life in wotlk...

    Dungeons were bad in every expansion included legions boring repetitive mythic keys and farms for a random item... in 1 word Legion was a Casino, making addiction of gambler nerds.

  5. 4 Days Ago  
    Guys, i'm so sorry to say, but you should forget about cata on Warmane.

    They didn't care about it when we were donating and spending our money just to get some of the cata content fixed. But unfortunately we had more and more bugs incoming every single day.

    Wasting money was so bad idea. Community answer is the same every time, "you invest your money and get coins as a present for helping us to work on our expansions". Well there's 1 big question. Since they work on expansions, WASN'T CATA ONE OF THEM?!

    I just want reply from some community on this question. I see plan with TBC goes very well.

    I hope they're not going to delete this post, but anyways guys i hope we will met on other servers, playing with you and chating was so fun.

  6. 4 Days Ago  
    Hope for cata once again somewhere..as a pure PvP player, most funny moments i had in cata(love cata pvp). Played whole Legion expansion on retail, PvP was terrible..hope never again PvP like that.
    Wotlk PvP here isnt funny(especially here) like Cata,
    1st. Horde are dead in PvP couse that human double trinket, nobody playing horde.
    2nd. In arena u meet 99% humans with smourne and more then half PvE gear.
    3rd. And mostly awarr/hpal in arena which isn't fun meeting same combo 9 times of 10 games.
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