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    If youre about to make a pvp video, everythin has to go as per chronological order. Music, scenes, combat, literally...everything... you can't just BOOST the video with some dope music while falling down 30 minutes? I mean, apparently you can, but viewers wont like it, when you boost the video with dope music viewers except something brutal to come, some amazing skills/damage/crits/tricks, anything... you feel me mate? So you divide the video in let's say 5 parts, part one includes your intro, second part includes your second intro (scenes with environment, walking with your character, your character's stats/items etc etc) part 3 is warming up, part four is where massacre begins with that dope music and amazing skills to show (if you have amazing skills to show) and so on and so on...

    Let's take for example grims video, total anihilation and how it's made...


    Pay attention on 1:39, that's where real entertainment and brutality begins, this is WHY this video has around 200k views

    Hwoever, I'm aware that this requires amazing editing skills, patience etc etc, but in the end, it pays off...well atleast it did for this guy. However, all that amazing skills with editing, patience and rest of the bull**** made me quit making wow pvp videos simply cause it's waste of time and i'm not getting anything in return... Perhaps i'd get those 5/10/20k views, and what am i going to do with em? get 2 bucks from youtube? No ty

    Also i'd like to add few more things... while we're at it. Let's take for example some ''famous'' pvp players such as pilav,swifty,asmongold and rest of them, they're good in pvp as i am in nuclear chemistry, they're just entertainers, nothing more, nothing less. Entertainers that knew what how and when to do during all these years, entertainers that first begun with some pvp, recordings, dramas and people follows them like dogs follow their owners without thinking with their own heads. World's best players played during TBC/WOTLK arena tournament/arena junkies times, now i don't really know when was it, i'm getting too old myself, think from 2009 to 2011/12 (dont trust me on this one, cause i'm not sure, forgot) i just remember that i played with them, most of them were russians and i encountered some mindsets in 2v2/3v3 that made me dizzy playing with them, i had no ****in idea where i am mate, in all honesty. You have a feelin that those guys belong in other dimensions, you know what im talkin bout e? And the most misterious part is that none ever heard of em

    Now, the point of this is... unfortunately, if you haven't started doin some serious pvp videos back in 2009/10 and if you already havent developed your channel with atleast 40/50k subs it's very hard to do it now, simply cause there's alot of competition, every second kid wants to be ''famous'' and they would rather watch pilav screaming or asmondgold making some dramas than your (lets say) unbelieveable pvp video that havent been seen in wow history

    I'm not trying to hate over here, just to teach you something if you want to keep em videos coming up. Anyways, good luck!

    Kind regards
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