1. May 14, 2019  

    TBC - Why is everyone specced BM? Is MM that bad?

    I mean literally EVERY hunter I meet, is BM specced... is MM really that bad in TBC?

  2. May 14, 2019  
    It's not that MM is bad. BM just happens to be better, and people usually make the conscious decision to play the better-performing spec.

  3. There was a hunter named Hailzuz who only played MM and was doing comparable dps to endgame BM hunters in rival guilds. He was a clever hunter.
    Huntards are abundant and you have to show your dps is comparable to BM spec in equal gear. Basically prove your MM dps isn't better than BM dps in the same gear. Usually you lose so everyone goes BM unless you lost the coin toss and have to go survival for the guild (I love survival because it's harder).

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